Those were our starguests, lecturers and special guests at FedCon 30.

19. January 2023

Lori Dungey (MC)

Lori Dungey is overjoyed to be joining her FedCon family once more as one of the MC’s.  The last couple of years have been challenging so […]
29. April 2022

Simon Pegg

For our 30th anniversary event, the smash hit guest star highlight is Simon Pegg coming exclusively to FedCon 30 on SUNDAY, June 5, 2022. The busy […]
30. March 2022

Christopher Eccleston

Since 1990, Christopher Eccleston has been busy growing his filmography. In his career to date, the British actor has appeared in numerous well-known (mainly English) series […]
28. March 2022

Evan Evagora

It is our pleasure to welcome the Romulan Elnor at FedCon 30. More precisely, of course, Evan Evagora, who plays this role in Star Trek: Picard. […]
15. March 2022

Ian Alexander

Star Trek: Discovery fans will have a special treat, because Gray Tal from the series of the same name enriches the guest list of FedCon 30. […]
2. March 2022

Richard Brake

The Galactic Empire naturally has its powerful fingers in the pie in the Disney+ hit series The Mandalorian, and with Richard Brake we welcome a representative […]
2. March 2022

Julian Glover

From the classic Star Wars trilogy, a representative of the Empire, General Veers, joins the lineup of the FedCon 30 guest list. English actor Julian Glover […]
2. March 2022

Michael Carter

Visitors from the planet Tatooine have announced themselves for FedCon 30. More precisely, from Jabba’s palace we welcome the chief advisor of the crime lord – […]
14. February 2022

Eric Walker

Eric Walker starred as Mace Towani in the first Star Wars spin-off Caravan of Courage – An Ewok Adventure. He also slipped into this role once […]
10. February 2022

Michelle Hurd

With Michelle Hurd, we welcome a popular leading actress from the series Star Trek: Picard at FedCon 30. The New York City-born actress breathed acting life […]
26. January 2022

Max Grodénchik

As the brother of the bar owner Quark, Max Grodénchik starred in a regular role in the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Queens, New […]
26. January 2022

Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips, the beloved portrayer of Neelix is coming back to Bonn for FedCon’s 30th anniversary! “As an actor, sometimes you’re so close to the character […]
26. January 2022

Vaughn Armstrong

We can welcome an absolute “Star Trek record holder”, Vaughn Armstrong, at FedCon 30. The California-born actor has played the most roles in the Trekkie universe […]
26. January 2022

Casey Biggs

With Casey Biggs, the actor of the Cardassian Damar from the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine joins the invited guests of FedCon 30. Biggs first […]
26. January 2022

Nana Visitor

Whether in front of the camera or on stage, Nana Visitor feels equally at home in film/series productions as she does in theatrical productions. A number […]
21. January 2022

Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes, best known as Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation, is coming to FedCon 30 at the Maritim Hotel Bonn. “I think you […]
21. January 2022

Brent Spiner

We are happy to welcome the popular actor and singer Brent Spiner again at FedCon 30 at the Hotel Maritim Bonn. Brent’s interest in acting developed […]
8. December 2021

John Barrowman

Our FedCon 30 star guest John Barrowman is sure to delight the numerous fans of several successful series, because the popular actor can be admired, for […]

16. March 2023

Dressing Rebels & Mandos

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …. It’s a turbulent time for the Rebellion and the Mandalorians. There are heroes on both […]
9. March 2023

Ask the crew – Q&A Special

Is there anything you wanted to know about the real world of space but were too afraid to ask? Now is your chance – come to […]
19. February 2023

Planet Trek FM – Live-Podcast

Once again, “Planet Trek fm”, one of the most listened to German Star Trek podcasts, invites you to a live event at FedCon. Christian Humberg and […]
18. February 2023

Let’s talk TREK!

The podcasters of “Planet Trek fm”, Christian Humberg and Björn Sülter, invite again this year to the debate and the big group therapy session by Trekkies, […]
11. February 2023

Star Trek Filming Sites III

“Star Trek. The Final Frontier. These are the adventures of fans on the road, exploring original locations and creating new stills. In the process, they’re penetrating […]
10. May 2022

Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering, the twin sisters of discovery Space Science is about formulating new ideas, and then testing them to see whether they are true. Space […]
10. May 2022

How to be an Astronaut?

How to be an Astronaut? & What’s Up With Space Junk? Join us for a double-header talk right from the “Bridge” of ESA – featuring two […]
9. April 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope: from first light to new planets After more than three decades of development, construction, integration, and test, the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb […]
2. April 2022

Costumes from a Galaxy far, far away

Star Wars costume construction in the 501st Legion In the German Garrison’s Costumes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away lecture, you’ll learn all about what to […]
1. April 2022

Body Language in Armor

Body language in armor I can barely see anything under my helmet, my armor is heavy and uncomfortable, and I can barely breathe. How am I […]
29. March 2022

R2-D2 & Co. – Building Astromechs

R2-D2 is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. It’s not for nothing that he appears in (almost) every movie and series. […]
25. March 2022

Star Wars: The Force of Books

Everyone knows the Star Wars movies, and the series and video games are (rightly) very popular and well-known. But what about Star Wars beyond the moving […]
17. March 2022

Star Trek Filming Sites II

“Star Trek. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the fans, their continuing mission: to explore sites of ‘on location’ filming, to take photos. To […]
16. March 2022

From Star Wars to Avatar

What do Star Wars and Avatar have in common? At first glance, not much – except for the fact that they are among the most successful […]
13. March 2022

Rovers – the Return

Perceverance, Nasa’s fifth Mars rover, has already celebrated its first anniversary on the red planet. Its wingman Ingenuity, the Mars helicopter, is also on board. But […]
6. March 2022

Tunisia: Real-world Tatooine

Located in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia is inextricably linked to the genesis of the Star Wars universe and distinguished […]
27. February 2022

New technical visions in Star Trek

From the very beginning, Star Trek featured technical visions that were pure science fiction at the time of production. Much of what was shown in Star […]
26. February 2022

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories – from the point of view of natural science Conspiracy ideologies have a long tradition, and questioning such myths can be an educational and […]
24. February 2022

In space no one can hear your score

Ewoks play Samba on Stormtrooper helmets; Vulcans have percussion for ritual mating; Star Wars fans put their babies to sleep by humming the Imperial March … […]
23. February 2022

Can´t touch this: The Theremin

International espionage, the abduction of a scientist and maybe even voices from the dead – the Theremin Vox is probably the most infamous musical instrument of […]
19. February 2022

Sci-Fi User Interfaces

In the Sci-Fi User Interfaces talk, cockpits, computers, and other user interfaces from science fiction movies will be put to the test. Why was a particular […]
18. February 2022

Science fiction in the classroom

How do you get young people motivated to discuss social issues these days? By picking them up from their own habits and from familiar terrain. Science […]
17. February 2022

AI in Star Trek

Artificial intelligences in Star Trek Where technology is involved, computers are not far away and therefore artificial intelligences are within reach. Analogous to their real-life development, […]
16. February 2022

The Borg

The Borg: Is resistance really futile? “Resistance is futile!” The threat of assimilation by the Borg is as sinister as it is fascinating. All individuality evaporates […]
15. February 2022

Sci-Fi in Open World RPGs

With reference to our current science-fantasy role-playing game ELEX II (release date for PC and consoles on March 1, 2022), this presentation uses images and examples […]
13. February 2022

Pen&Paper RPG game management

Stranger Things binged and now the need to sic a Demigorgon on your friends? Watched Critical Role and already have 30 concepts for your own Star […]
12. February 2022

Science-Fiction Serials

Many fans are familiar with the classic SF serials Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers from the 1930s. But there are many more of these productions, which […]
11. February 2022

SciFi shorts overview

SciFi shorts: the often overlooked little gems of the genre Very often overlooked (as they usually only run at special film festivals) there are quite a […]
9. February 2022

Year 2022: The want to survive

Year 2022: The want to survive: The dystopian SF movies of the 70s! Who would have thought that the classic SF movie Soylent Green with Charleton […]
8. February 2022


Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser: Ultimate Star Wars LARP experience or total misplanning? Robert Vogel has been following the development of this project in Florida extremely […]
3. February 2022

Food in Star Trek

Food in Star Trek … or: Why is there a kitchen on the Enterprise? From the food dispensers in The Original Series, to the replicators in […]
2. February 2022

Star Wars fandom in transition

In his lecture, author and journalist Thorsten Walch tells of the emergence of the local Star Wars fandom in its now over 40-year history since the […]
31. January 2022

Interstellar space travel

It is the longing goal of space travel: the stars. Although humans have not even set foot on Mars, scientists and engineers have been looking for […]
30. January 2022

Wüste(n) Planeten in der SF

Dune, Star Wars, Star Trek – in many science fiction scenarios, the heroes are sent into the desert. Deserts offer the protagonists many more challenges besides […]
29. January 2022

Star Wars vs Star Trek

STAR WARS VS STAR TREK – THE BATTLE Once upon a time, long ago … outer space. In a galaxy far, far away … infinite space. […]
25. January 2022

Role play on and offline

In a galaxy far away, where no man has ever been before … so or similar you would like to start your own adventure in your […]
24. January 2022

Utopia in Star Trek

“The challenge is to improve yourself. To enrich yourself,” says Captain Picard. Star Trek is more than just a science fiction franchise. The series and films […]
22. January 2022

Space hairstyles

The lecture Space hairstyles for beginners and advanced clarifies the big questions, how the different hairstyles in sci-fi movies and series can be made. So how […]
22. January 2022

Welcome to Quark’s

Interspecialty service offerings as intercultural communication. “You only do good business if you know about your clientele.” (Quark / season 2, episode 14). In his bar, […]
14. January 2022

Perry against chaos

Chaos versus order – chaotarchs versus cosmocrats: This is one of the basic conflicts in the PERRY RHODAN universe. It is also at the centre of […]
12. January 2022


Reading Robert Corvus presents his latest science fiction novel STERNENBRÜCKE (Piper Verlag). For Yul, a former starship doctor, loneliness is a terminal illness after the death […]
14. December 2021

Soundtrack Film Music Episode 2

May the Musical Force be with you! After his successful lecture debut at FedCon 29, Semir Ayar presents the next chapter on the topic of soundtracks, […]

4. February 2022

Put Sci-Fi on your plate

What roots belong in plomeek soup? How do you prepare a spicy liquid for pickling for Bajoran hasparat? What is behind the Red Kibble of the […]
26. January 2022

Interactive story in space

What do interactive stories, role-playing and improv theater have to do with each other? Well, quite a lot, especially when Lenita Wolfar has her fingers in […]
18. January 2022

Writing creatively about films

This is an author workshop on the topic of “Writing creatively and informatively about fantastic series and films”. We will deal with questions about thematic background […]
16. January 2022

The soul of the rogue

The protagonist grows from his adversary, only the villain turns the main character into a heroine. What would Star Wars be without Darth Vader and the […]
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