Rafael, Autor auf FEDCON


30. January 2023

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson comes to FedCon 31 and expands the Stargate guest line-up in Bonn! From 1997 to 2005, Richard Dean Anderson was seen as Colonel […]
29. April 2022

Simon Pegg

For our 30th anniversary event, the smash hit guest star highlight is Simon Pegg coming exclusively to FedCon 30 on SUNDAY, June 5, 2022. The busy […]
24. November 2017

Grace Park

With Grace Park, the Battlestar Galactica reunion delegation at FedCon gets another popular boost. The popular SF series featured the Canadian actress with Korean roots from […]
6. October 2017

Rekha Sharma

Commander Landry aka. Rekha Sharma will join us during FedCon 27 in Bonn! Our first star from a brand-new SF-series (which for licensing reasons is not […]
20. June 2017

Prices for Tickets, AG & PO

Here you can find important information about the prices for Tickets, Autograph and Photo Session vouchers for FedCon. Autographs and Photo Session vouchers are always activated […]
20. February 2016

Jan Fiedler

Jan Fiedler is VFX producer at PIXOMONDO Images in Stuttgart, Germany. He has produced a wide range of work including feature films, episodic content, commercials, television […]
20. February 2016

Thomas Schaffrath

Mikrochip-Entwickler und Star Trek Geek Dr. Thomas Schaffrath hat vieles erlebt und vieles zu erzählen. Auf der FedCon 25 wird er in seinem Vortrag “Das Vier-Ohren-Modell” von […]
18. February 2016

Steffen Volkmer

Steffen Volkmer, allround nerd, will be your host in the small hall. He is an avowed fan of comics and has proven his sense of palaver […]
22. January 2016

Robert Beltran

Fans of the TV series Star Trek Voyager can look forward to FedCon 25 because Robert Beltran, known as Commander Chakotay, will join his crewmember Ethan […]
22. December 2015

Dr. Hubert Zitt

Dr. Hubert Zitt ist Dozent an der Hochschule Kaiserslautern am Campus in Zweibrücken. Er wird natürlich auch auf der FedCon 25 dabei sein. Er bietet zwei […]