Under the motto Special EventsFedCon brings together special program highlights that should definitely be on the “to-do” list when attending our events.

The whole spectrum of fan creativity opens up, for example, in the art show, where you can admire everything from dioramas in love with detail to self-created outfits and impressive paintings. Other highlights include special exhibitions or live presentations on the subject of science fiction. Whether it’s a costume contest, lightsaber training or amazing props, you can look forward to entertaining entertainment and a lot of variety.

Party and music lovers can also enjoy extraordinary events at FedCon. From the theme party to exclusive live concerts, there is something for every taste.

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14. May 2022

TELE 5: Home of Sci Fi with Oliver Kalkofe

Why is science fiction so important for TELE 5? What is “Star Trek Monday”? What series are coming soon? Why is Flash Gordon a “KulFaZ” and […]
30. April 2022

Trailer Battle!

At FedCon 30, Claudia Kern and Steffen Volkmer will present you the best, strangest, sometimes even worst trailers they have found on the net. Vote and […]
16. April 2022

Film presentation – Rise of the Last Intern

Team Saberproject presents: RISE OF THE LAST INTERN Everything is possible as long as you have a lightsaber Film presentation by Tim Dagott with “Behind the […]
13. April 2022

Mando Mercs

The Jai’Galaar Clan is the German representation of the Mando Mercs Costume Club, one of the largest worldwide Star Wars costume clubs in the world, recognized […]
4. April 2022

Echo Base – The interactive talk show

What are fans of globe-trotting science fiction and action franchises widely known for? That’s right. Their carefully guarded opinions. On big things. On little things. And […]
3. April 2022

Jedipedia.net & Jedi-Bibliothek.de

Jedipedia.net and Jedi-Bibliothek.de will once again have a joint booth at the 30th FedCon. Once again, they have the popular knowledge quiz for all ages with […]
27. March 2022

Star Wars Fans Nürnberg e.V.

Star Wars Fans Nürnberg e.V. introduce themselves at FedCon 30 Furthermore there will be information about the “Noris Force Con 6 – The Charity Convention from […]
22. March 2022

Whisky Tastings

This year at FedCon 30 there are two different whisky tastings for you. 1x “Scottish Round Trip” (six whiskies from the Scottish whisky regions. Each region […]
21. March 2022

German Base Yavin

German Base Yavin is the German group of the worldwide represented Star Wars fan costume club Rebel Legion and belongs to the fan groups officially recognized […]
20. March 2022

German Garrison

With more than 1,000 members, the German Garrison is Germany’s largest Star Wars costume club and part of the 501st Legion, which is active worldwide with […]
18. March 2022

Program Specials

For the big anniversary event FedCon 30, we have put in extra effort to offer all fans an unforgettable convention weekend.   Here is a selection […]
14. March 2022

The best worst Star Trek episode

Simon and Sebastian from the popular podcast “Trek am Dienstag” celebrate their live premiere at FedCon 30! They take you back to 1989, when one of […]
12. March 2022

CastBlast – the SciFi talk on Sunday

Strong voices, strong opinions and lots of fun! That’s CastBlast, the con talk show with your favorite podcasters live on stage. “Anne Will” for nerds, that’s […]
10. March 2022

Diagnosis: Nerd

Steve Dix went for years without realising he was a nerd. Join him in an hour-long comedy show where he speaks about discovering you are a […]
9. March 2022

Nerd-Quiz @ FedCon 30

The original is back! Nerdy questions and nerdy minds! Nerdizismus is back to play the famous Nerd Quiz! Stars, cosplayers and fans test their knowledge in […]

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