Star Wars: The Force of Books lecture at FEDCON in Bonn
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17. March 2022
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FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Star Wars: Die Macht der Bücher | Florian Baur & Patricia Beiten

Everyone knows the Star Wars movies, and the series and video games are (rightly) very popular and well-known. But what about Star Wars beyond the moving image?

Even before the first movie flickered across the screens, the first books and comics about Star Wars were published, and currently the stream of publications is at a peak. But how does a reader separate class from mass?

After a brief overview of 45 years of Star Wars literature, Patricia Beiten and Florian Baur from Jedi-Bibliothek delve into current events in the literary cosmos, especially the major story project Star Wars: The High Republic. What is worth reading in the new era of Star Wars? Which classics are still worth reading?

In addition to the presentation and small discussion on stage, the moderators will also be available for questions – both in the panel and at the joint booth on the second floor of and

Lecturer: Florian Baur, Patricia Beiten
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Jedi-Bibliothek is a project by fans for fans, focusing on the literary products of the Star Wars saga. That means: novels, comics, non-fiction and whatever else is out there.

As part of the team, Patricia Beiten and Florian Baur report on the latest news from their favorite hobby and always provide fodder for discussion in their reviews and the in-house podcast "JediCast". With this expertise, the two also work for the Official German Star Wars Magazine, which they strengthen in the area of translation.

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