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25. January 2022
Wüste(n) Planeten in der SF
30. January 2022

FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Star Wars vs Star Trek | Graef & Prahl & Sohn & Walch


Once upon a time, long ago … outer space.
In a galaxy far, far away … infinite space.
The year is 2022.

These are the adventures of the starship “Nerds”, which is traveling with its crew of 4 to hold debates, discuss issues and points of contention. The two Starfleet officers Captain Reinhard and First Officer Thorsten engage in a relentless (word) battle with the Sith Darth Joachim and the Jedi Karsten to finally find the truth:

  • Who is more accurate, “Red Shirts” or Stormtroopers?
  • Who is more obtuse, the Pakleds or the Gamorreans?
  • Who has the better temper tantrums, Khan Noonien Singh or Kylo Ren?
  • Who is cooler, James T. Kirk or Han Solo?
  • And much more …

It is a matter of mystery:

Which is the better “star” universe, Star Wars or Star Trek?

A galactic argument.

Lecturer: Karsten Graef, Joachim Sohn, Reinhard Prahl, Thorsten Walch
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Reinhard Prahl is a media journalist, author and writer. He is co-author of the successful franchise non-fiction books "Es lebe Captain Future" and the "Star Trek Chronik" 1 to 3. In addition, he works together with a team of ten authors on the popular audio series "Die schwarze Stadt" directed by Ivar Leon Menger and is author of the novel series "Das Ruhrstadt-Universum". As a journalist, he writes for Geek! magazine, FedCon INSIDER, TV Classics and the well-known media portal, among others.

Two souls beat in the chest of Thorsten Walch: The non-fiction writer, journalist and translator once became a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars (and in later years of other films and series) one after the other in the 1970s and still does not make a matter of principle out of this. Accordingly, with "Es lebe Star Wars" and the "Star Trek Chronik" he has also written or collaborated on books about both franchise worlds (...and with "Es lebe Captain Future" a third one).

Joachim Sohn, born in Wiesbaden in 1968, studied philology and film studies in Mainz, Constance and Berlin. He also qualified as an animation designer at the animation-school in Hamburg. After several years of freelance work in animation, he has been working as an animation director for the advertising industry in Düsseldorf since 2004. Since 2010, the convinced humanist and Star Wars fan has also been working as an author. He writes mainly fantasy novels and time travel novellas.

Karsten Graef has been an avid Star Wars fan from an early age, and over the course of time he has added other fandoms, such as Star Trek. As a member of German Base Yavin, the German group of the Star Wars fan costume club Rebel Legion for the light side of the Force, he pursues his passion in costume, in the community and for good causes.

Even though the four of them engage in a relentless (word) battle in conversation, they are united in their passion for the science fiction genre and more.

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