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9. April 2022
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22. May 2022

FedCon 30 | News | Wichtige Gast-Informationen

Here you will find Important Guest Information about the guest list of FedCon.

The invited stars are undoubtedly among the programme highlights among the fans. In spite of careful planning and preparation (basis for announcements are legally valid contracts) it is not always possible to welcome all already announced FedCon guests completely. This can be due to a variety of reasons (e. g. short term turning obligations, illness, economic needs, etc.). As soon as there is a change of this kind, we will communicate this Important Guest Information here in the article. A quick overview of cancellations can be found in the “Cancellations” section of the right-hand sidebar.

The FedCon team, with its many years of experience (event organisation since 1992), does its utmost to offer an incomparable experience. In this regard, reference is also made to point 2 of the General Terms wich are part of every ticket order. In return, we thank you for your trust and understanding.

Update from May 10, 2022

Unfortunately, John de Lancie had to cancel his FedCon 30 visit due to filming dates. But we are in good spirits to welcome him in Bonn in the future.

Update from April 5, 2022

The announced visit of Guy Henry at FedCon 30 can unfortunately not be realized. We ask for your understanding.

Update from March 1, 2022

After the last two years under the sign of Corona, the situation in the film industry is also gradually easing. This positive development is very pleasing for the actors. Therefore, Marina Sirtis will also be busy with new filming projects soon, so unfortunately she will not be able to come to FedCon 30. She regrets this very much, but we remain hopeful that in the future it will finally work out with her visit in Bonn again.

Update from February 24, 2022

Due to an updated shooting schedule by CBS, Mary Wiseman and Noah Averbach-Katz are unfortunately no longer able to come to FedCon 30. We regret this very much, but of course also understand that production work simply has priority. We wish all the best from this point and hope that we can repeat the invitation for a future FedCon.

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