FedCon 28 | News | Co-Master of Ceremonies
Co-Master of Ceremonies: Nessi
12. May 2019
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Current program info
21. May 2019
FedCon 28 | News | Wichtige Gast-Informationen

FedCon 28 | News | Wichtige Gast-Informationen

Here you will find Important Guest Information about the guest list of FedCon.

The invited stars are undoubtedly among the programme highlights among the fans. In spite of careful planning and preparation (basis for announcements are legally valid contracts) it is not always possible to welcome all already announced FedCon guests completely. This can be due to a variety of reasons (e. g. short term turning obligations, illness, economic needs, etc.). As soon as there is a change of this kind, we will communicate this Important Guest Information here in the article. A quick overview of cancellations can be found in the “Cancellations” section of the right-hand sidebar.

The FedCon team, with its many years of experience (event organisation since 1992), does its utmost to offer an incomparable experience. In this regard, reference is also made to point 2 of the General Terms wich are part of every ticket order. In return, we thank you for your trust and understanding.

Update from May 16, 2019

Scott Grimes had to cancel his visit at FedCon 28 due to personal reasons. We regret this and look forward to welcoming him hopefully at a future event.

Update from May 9, 2019

Thomas Jane's visit to FedCon 28 unfortunately cannot be realized.
We ask for your understanding.

Update from March 29, 2019

The participation of Mark Jackson at FedCon 28 cannot be realized.


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