Planet Trek FM - Live-Podcast at FEDCON
Let’s talk TREK!
5. February 2022
FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Disney's GALACTIC STARCRUISER | Robert Vogel
8. February 2022

FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Planet Trek FM - Live-Podcast | Björn Sülter & Claudia Kern

In 2022, “Planet Trek fm” will again bring the popular podcast about Star Trek to the FedCon stage. Whether Björn Sülter and Claudia Kern will present other guests or what the topic will be remains a secret.

What is “Planet Trek fm”? You want to listen to authors, voice actors, fans, nerds and journalists talking about Star Trek? Looking for in-depth episode reviews in podcast form? With “Planet Trek fm” you get the complete package in already more than 100 editions since 2017. Edited and produced by the publisher in Farbe und Bunt, Star Trek expert and author Björn Sülter discusses all the topics you spend half the day thinking about anyway. Because therein lies a large part of the secret of its success: if anything has kept the franchise alive for over 50 years, it is clearly the fans and their willingness to live their passion together, in addition to the undeniable quality of the various series and films. From early letter-writing campaigns in the days of the Classic series to the first conventions or the iconic German Trek dinners, fans have always been present and done something that kept the cult going. They talked and wrote about it. Björn Sülter continues this tradition – in the form of podcasts with fans, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, authors and everyone who has something exciting to say about Star Trek.

Lecturer: Björn Sülter & Claudia Kern
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Björn Sülter is a publisher, author, journalist, translator & podcaster. He wrote "Es lebe Star Trek", currently publishes a new "Star Trek Chronik" every year, translates non-fiction for Cross Cult, serves as editor-in-chief of "Geek!" and "TV Classics", writes his column "Sülters Warpkernkette" for "TV Serienhighlights" and since 2017 regularly speaks with guests on his podcast "Planet Trek fm".

Claudia Kern is an author, columnist & translator. She is a multiple Spiegel bestselling author, award-winning translator and acclaimed author ("Divided States of America"). For "Geek!" she delivers the popular column "Kernspaltereien" and is a regular contributor to "Planet Trek fm".

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