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31. January 2022
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FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Das Star Wars-Fandom im Wandel | Thorsten Walch

In his lecture, author and journalist Thorsten Walch tells of the emergence of the local Star Wars fandom in its now over 40-year history since the early 1980s: From the first Star Wars fan clubs, mostly based on correspondence among members, to the first live meetings at movie screenings and at regulars’ tables, the increasingly anonymous fan scene with its forums in the 1990s, which increasingly shifted to the Internet, to today’s activities in the social networks.

Of course, there will also be anecdotes and stories that will make some listeners nostalgic for the early days of the franchise fan scene. And of course there will also be room for the listeners’ own stories and experiences in a small discussion round toward the end.

Lecturer: Thorsten Walch
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Author, journalist and translator Thorsten Walch wrote the non-fiction books "NERD-O-Pedia" and "Es lebe Star Wars", as well as the humorous novel "Hitze Leni und die Äliens". He also co-authored "Die Star Trek Chronik" Volumes I and II and the upcoming third volume (together with Björn Sülter and Reinhard Prahl) as well as "Es lebe Captain Future" (with Reinhard Prahl).

He also writes articles for print and online publications such as "GEEK! Magazin", "Star Wars - Das offizielle Magazin", "TV Klassiker", the "FedCon INSIDER" as well as Furthermore, he is part of the translation team of the non-fiction book "Die Gegner in Star Trek".

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