Ethan Phillips at FEDCON. Meet him at our event in Bonn!
Vaughn Armstrong
26. January 2022
Max Grodénchik
26. January 2022

Ethan Phillips, the beloved portrayer of Neelix is coming back to Bonn for FedCon’s 30th anniversary!

“As an actor, sometimes you’re so close to the character that you’re not even aware of how the story is developing.”

When you play someone like Neelix, you certainly can’t help but take him to your heart yourself. That’s how Ethan Phillips felt. Born on Feb. 8, 1955, in Garden City, Long Island, the actor was the only boy in an Irish Catholic family. He went to Boston University and graduated with a degree in English Literature and then a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cornell University. Like many of his colleagues, he is also a talented music – he plays the tenor saxophone.

Besides his role as Neelix, through which he became very famous, he is also known for the role of Pete Downey in Benson. But he has also appeared in numerous other series, including Pushing Daisies, Bones, Eli Stone, Criminal Minds, NUMB3RS, Las Vegas, JAG, Law & Order, Boston Legal, Castle and The Mentalist. Many of the characters have so nothing in common with the lovable Neelix – for example, he played a nasty serial killer in Criminal Minds.

In any case, Star Trek was always very present in his life. Besides Neelix, he also played a Ferengi named Dr. Farek in The Next Generation and had a small appearance in Star Trek: First Contact.

At FedCon 33 you can look forward to the “Rat Pack”, among others. Under this motto, Phillips will provide musical entertainment on Friday evening together with his colleagues Casey Biggs, Max Grodénchik, Vaughn Armstrong and Nana Visitor.

FedCon 30 | Rat Pack

FedCon 30 | Rat Pack

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