Those were our starguests, lecturers and special guests at FedCon 28.

27. September 2023

Anson Mount

In Star Trek: Discovery, we were treated to the premiere of Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, who will return to FedCon in 2024. The US […]
19. January 2023

Lori Dungey (MC)

Lori Dungey is overjoyed to be joining her FedCon family once more as one of the MC’s.  The last couple of years have been challenging so […]
9. May 2019

Benjamin Stöwe

With Benjamin Stöwe we welcome the German voice of our FedCon 28 star guest Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber in Star Trek: Discovery. Since 2005 […]
2. March 2019

Anthony Daniels

It is a forceful pleasure for us to welcome Anthony Daniels, the man at FedCon 28 who helped the most famous droid in film history to […]
23. February 2019

Steven Strait

Now that Steven Strait has announced himself as the eighth cast member from The Expanse at FedCon 28, there should be no stopping fans of the […]
22. February 2019

Wes Chatham

The star line-up for The Expanse at FedCon 28 will once again be boosted by Wes Chatham. In the exciting science fiction series, he has been […]
26. January 2019

Ken Leung

The Star Wars universe sends Ken Leung, an envoy from The Force Awakens, to FedCon 28 in Bonn. The New York City-born actor is in the […]
19. January 2019

Ethan Peck

FedCon 28 star guest Ethan Peck follows in legendary Star Trek footsteps as the Los Angeles-born actor takes on the role of “pointed ear” Spock in […]
18. January 2019

Shohreh Aghdashloo

With Chrisjen Avasarala we welcome the Secretary General of the United Nations to FedCon 28. More precisely, Shohreh Aghdashloo, who impressively plays this role in the […]
17. January 2019

Frankie Adams

Since the second season of The Expanse, Frankie Adams has enriched the cast of the popular science fiction series – and now also the guest cast […]
16. January 2019

Dominique Tipper

Dominique Tipper – the first female FedCon 28 representative from the science fiction series The Expanse now joins her colleague Nick E. Tarabay and Cas Anvar. […]
15. January 2019

Cas Anvar

The team of the popular science fiction series The Expanse booked with the visit of Cas Anvar to FedCon 28 after Nick E. Tarabay the second […]
15. December 2018

Wilson Cruz

Star Trek fans can look forward to a really nice extended FedCon 28 weekend, because with Wilson Cruz now also Dr. Hugh Culber from Discovery joins […]
14. December 2018

Shazad Latif

Captivating and an immensely talented actor, Shazad Latif has made a name for himself in the UK and the US for the characters he has created […]
27. October 2018

Luke Macfarlane

Another bounty hunter and leading actor from Killjoys enriches the guest cast of FedCon 28 with Luke Macfarlane. Born in London, Ontario (Canada), the actor mimics […]
24. October 2018

Aaron Ashmore

With Aaron Ashmore, a bounty hunter from the science fiction series Killjoys mixes with the wide-ranging guests of FedCon 28. In the Canadian production, which enters […]
28. September 2018

Mira Furlan

With the Croatian actress Mira Furlan, Minbari ambassador Delenn joins the illustrious star guests at FedCon 28. Born in Zagreb (former Yugoslavia) and living in the […]
16. September 2018

Robert Duncan McNeill

Robert Duncan McNeill, the first prominent representative from the Star Trek universe, joins the FedCon 28 guest list. The American actor crossed the Delta Quadrant as […]
28. July 2018

Corin Nemec

We are already bringing our own Stargate up to operating temperature so that Corin Nemec will have a smooth journey to FedCon 28. Born in Little […]
21. July 2018

Bruce Boxleitner

As commander of the space station Babylon 5 and later president of the Interstellar Alliance, FedCon 28 star guest Bruce Boxleitner played a decisive role as […]
18. July 2018

Kevin Sorbo

From ancient Greece with its mythical legends to the distant future, Kevin Sorbo traveled in his roles all over the millennia and is now on his […]
11. March 2020

Join the Rebellion/the Empire

“Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… It’s a turbulent time for rebellion. The power of the empire/first order increases day by day and the […]
4. March 2020

Discover Tatooine

The “Discover Tatooine” project We (Dane Braun and the Discover Tatooine team) are dealing with the locations of the fictional planet Tatooine from the Star Wars […]
19. January 2020

Long live Star Wars

Thorsten Walch reads from the most comprehensive non-fiction book in German language about the Star Wars franchise! Star Wars has been an integral part of pop […]
21. December 2019

Kolonie 85: Die Verschwörung

Kolonie 85: Die Verschwörung ist die Fortsetzung des Science Fiction Romans Kolonie 85: Der Aufbruch. In 4 Episoden wird eine Geschichte erzählt, die die Helden in […]
16. May 2019

Once explorers, always explorers

The European Space Agency’s science and exploration missions have been much in the news over the last couple of years, with exciting results from its Gaia […]
12. May 2019

ACTUALLY flying to Mars

Ever thought it easy to drop out of warp, enter standard orbit, start sensor scan and open a subspace channel? Ever wondered why the spacecraft circling […]
11. May 2019

Ask the crew

Is there anything you wanted to know about the real world of space but were too afraid to ask? Now is your chance – come to […]
11. May 2019

Telemetry from Spaceship Earth

You may not always think about it, but we’re all space travellers – hurtling around our star on a “mostly harmless” Class M planet. Our Spaceship […]
10. May 2019

Perry Rhodan – World’s greatest SF series

In this presentation, Robert Corvus – one of the “guest authors” of the series – tells us about the Perry Rhodan phenomenon. From 1961 up to […]
9. May 2019

SF and Fantasy – a comparison

The smuggler bar in an asteroid, the fighter pilot, the robot army: That’s science fiction. We meet the unicorn, the knight and the castle in Fantasy. […]
9. May 2019

Das Imago-Projekt

Robert Corvus presents his SF novel “Das Imago-Projekt” in a reading Can anything else fill the void between the stars other than battle and destruction? For […]
8. May 2019

The ultimate Trailer Battle

Where in the last years the best or even the worst – but certainly the weirdest – movie trailers were shown and commented on in the […]
21. March 2019

Klingon in the media

The Klingon language is widely known from the films and series of the Star Trek franchise. However, the language has long since grown beyond its borders […]
20. March 2019

Klingon for beginners

With Star Trek: Discovery, the Klingon language is on everyone’s lips again. But is this a real language? Can you really speak Klingon? And does Sheldon […]
17. March 2019

Die Krone der Sterne

Reading by bestselling author Kai Meyer from his three-part space opera “Die Krone der Sterne” (The Crown of the Stars) From the content: “A dramatic space […]
23. February 2019

New SF indies and fanfilms

In his lecture New SF indies and fanfilms at FedCon 28, the “Frenzied Space Reporter” Robert Vogel gives an overview of new fantastic films and series […]
22. February 2019

Darth Vader on the ISS

Stories from the back of the control room or how Darth Vader got on the ISS The “Frenzied Space Reporter” Robert Vogel has been tirelessly infecting […]
21. February 2019

40 years Buck Rogers

2019 has another Star Wars-inspired TV series (which, however, had its roots similar to Flash Gordon as a comic and serial several decades earlier) a proud […]
20. February 2019

Back at APOLLO 11

In June 2019 the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing will be celebrated. There will be several documentations. Robert Vogel has already experienced this event […]
14. February 2019

S&&F in the age of moon landings

On July 20, 1969, 50 years ago, the first man walked on the moon. After John F. Kennedy announced a manned flight to the moon in […]
13. February 2019

Antique reception in Star Trek

The partly very intensive antique reception in the Star Trek universe has already been pointed out frequently, whereby most of these investigations refer to individual aspects […]
9. February 2019

Time travel and temporal logic

Time travel is a popular topic in science fiction. Just the thought of travelling into the future or the past and experiencing this other time yourself […]
1. February 2019

An uncomfortable truth

An uncomfortable truth – update 2019 Climate change is happening – and we are right in the middle of it. It is scientifically proven that average […]
25. January 2019

Investment for creative people and rebels

Investment for creative people and rebels: Juicy returns with LEGO! For many people, investing money is about as attractive as visiting a dentist – unpleasant, but […]
14. January 2019

Star Trek as a modern myth

If you take a closer look at the story behind Star Trek, you can very quickly see various mythological transformations that recur time and again and […]
13. January 2019

Crazy computers

Where technology is involved, computers are not far away. Analogous to their real development, their representations in film and TV are also changing – as is […]
7. January 2019

Die zweite Erde

The future ends … NOW! After internationally acclaimed Star Trek novels and bestsellers with Perry Rhodan, the well-known writer and thoroughbred geek Christian Humberg (“Geek Pray […]
6. January 2019

Die Wächter von Aquaterra

After the great success last year, author and “professional nerd” Christian Humberg brings his exciting novel series “Die Wächter von Aquaterra” (The Guardians of Aquaterra – […]
4. January 2019

Sherlock Junior?

Let’s face it, Cumberbitches: Something happened! Sherlock and Irene Adler didn’t just hold hands, did they? What would happen if the famous detective from Baker Street […]
2. January 2019

Octopuses and squids

Octopuses and squids – from sea monster to popular figure with three hearts These molluscs without spine but with a lot of brain live exclusively in […]
29. December 2018

Saturn’s moon Enceladus

Saturn’s moon Enceladus – another water world in our solar system? Far away from the sun, Saturn’s moon Enceladus is orbiting. Beneath its ice-armored surface, a […]
20. December 2018

Beyond Berlin

Björn Sülter, the author of Es lebe Star Trek! introduces his new three-part science fiction series Beyond Berlin. The first part “Ein kleiner Schritt für ein […]
18. December 2018

Long live Star Trek!

In August 2018, after more than twenty years, a comprehensive work on the phenomenon “Star Trek” was finally published in German language! Author & journalist Björn […]
17. December 2018

World of dreams in Star Trek

Dreams are the king’s way to the unconscious. In Star Trek, dream and imagination have always been used as a fantastic element to open up new […]
16. December 2018

Everything I learned from SF

Steve Dix presents his new comedy show around Star Wars and Star Trek and a shot of Dr. Who under the motto Everything I learned from […]
9. December 2018

Thunderbirds are GO!

Thunderbirds – the science-fiction TV series and film of Gerry Anderson are largely ignored in Germany.  The aim of this lecture is to introduce Anderson’s most […]
1. December 2018

Star Trek Medicine vs. Reality

Star Trek – Medicine and Medical Devices vs. Today’s Reality in 21st Century Medicine In the entire Star Trek universe there are numerous innovative ideas and […]
22. October 2018

Pilgrim motifs in Star Trek

Pilgrim motifs in Star Trek In 2151, Jonathan Archer’s crew meets a group of pilgrims in Star Trek: Enterprise. They are on their way to visit […]
14. October 2018

The VFX at B5 and Star Trek

The lecture The VFX at B5 and Star Trek deals with the history, development and making of the CGI special effects of Babylon 5, Star Trek: […]
23. September 2018

Cast-Blast 2019 at FedCon

The Nerdizists invite you again to the Cast-Blast 2019. Look forward to the best SciFi Podcasters of the Republic. “Live on Stage” we talk about our […]
20. September 2018

Nerd-Quiz 2019 SF-Edition

Nerdy questions and nerdy heads! Nerdizismus is back and plays the famous Nerd-Quiz. Stars, cosplayers and fans test their knowledge in 5 tricky rounds with nerdy […]
11. September 2018

Star Wars im Alltag

The lecture Star Wars im Alltag (Star Wars in everyday life) describes how Star Wars films have crept into all corners of modern everyday life: in […]
21. August 2018

AI – From SciFy to Reality

From Cylons to Hosts in Westworld, Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of our SciFi multiverses. These shows ask the hard questions like “Can we control […]
26. January 2020

Cooking with Star Smutje

The world of Star Trek is also full of culinary delights! From the volcanic plomeek soup to Hasparat to Klingon dishes like gagh or the mysterious […]
10. May 2019

Figures for SF novels

There shall be three of you: The asteroid scout, the attractive prospector and the smuggler. The two comrades and the brutal officer. The kidnapper, the victim […]
4. October 2018

Engraving Glasses

Engrave your own personal FedCon 28 glass! Whether by using one of the numerous templates available or simply creative without a template, you can engrave your […]
14. March 2023

German Base Yavin

Are you on the run from the Empire? You always wanted to meditate with Yoda? You’ve always wanted to fly an X-Wing? You’ve always wanted to […]
27. October 2019

Movie Stars Heinsberg

There’s a lot to see again at the Movie Stars Heinsberg booth at FedCon 29. The probably best known German “Cosplay Reality Family”, better known under […]
31. May 2019

Stars in focus – Vernissage

There are countless photos of our star guests, because we all love them and want to remember the moments when we were close to them. This […]
28. May 2019

The Boys – series premiere

“The Boys” will soon ensure law and order at Amazon Prime Video: The Amazon Original The Boys will be launched on 26 July exclusively at Germany’s […]
24. May 2019

The Star Wars – Fandom History

For decades, the Star Wars saga has united countless fans around the world and with high probability also on various other planets in this universe. But […]
22. May 2019

Star Trek New Voyages

Star Trek New Voyages – The Holiest Thing – Premiere of the German dubbed version Star Trek New Voyages is an American fan-film group that has […]
11. May 2019

HELIOS Models & Lighting

HELIOS Models & Lighting is a 3-person crew of model makers who have been professionally producing replicas of studio models and props for collectors all over […]
8. May 2019

Geeks Party Back to the Eighties

Also this year we start with the FedCon Geeks Party! And this time the motto is “Back to the Eighties”! Join us in celebrating a leap […]
10. April 2019 and Jedi-Bibliothek

Fandom action with and Jedi-Bibliothek After some successful appearances at Jedi-Con, CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY and Noris Force Con, and Jedi-Bibliothek are now […]
13. November 2018

Meet & Greet

Your stars up close at “Meet & Greet” on A very special highlight are the exclusive Meet & Greet offers of FedCon 28, where up to […]
7. September 2018

Special VIP-Night with Kevin Sorbo

Experience a very special and exclusive “Meet & Greet” with actor Kevin Sorbo at FedCon 28 on Friday evening (June 7, 2019) – the Special VIP […]
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