Let's talk TREK! FEDCON 31 - Lecture
Funny Fantasy: Drachengasse 13
18. February 2023
FedCon 31 | Vortrag | Planet Trek fm live | Björn Sülter, Christian Humberg
Planet Trek FM – Live-Podcast
19. February 2023

FedCon 31 | Vortrag | Let's talk TREK! | Björn Sülter, Christian Humberg

The podcasters of “Planet Trek fm”, Christian Humberg and Björn Sülter, invite again this year to the debate and the big group therapy session by Trekkies, for Trekkies and with Trekkies.

On an exciting topic, which will be announced on FedCon 32, the two will discuss with the present audience in an animated, open, honest and fair way and try to find a consensus even on difficult issues, which often lead to disputes especially online. After all, that’s what Star Trek should be about, right? Talking to each other, listening to each other, accepting arguments and looking for and finding common solutions.

Christian Humberg and Björn Sülter are looking forward to seeing you and may also welcome one or the other surprise guest on stage. But in any case: Let’s talk TREK!

Lecturer: Christian Humberg, Björn Sülter
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Björn Sülter is a publisher, author, journalist, translator, speaker, podcaster & one of the experts for Star Trek in Germany.

As an author he is known for Es lebe Star Trek, Die Star Trek-Chronik as well as the SF trilogy Beyond Berlin.

As editor-in-chief, he oversees Geek! and TV-Klassiker as well as the "Planet Trek" portal. In TV Serienhighlights he presents his column "Sülters Warpkernkette". He translates (e.g., Das Illustrierte Handbuch, Star Trek Cocktails, Die Gegner in Star Trek) speaks audiobooks (Q sind herzlich ausgeladen, Ein Stich zur rechten Zeit).

Christian Humberg, now a writer and literary translator, would much rather sit in Captain Kirk's chair on the bridge of the Enterprise than over his homework, even as a child. Today, he spends his professional life in fictional worlds and enjoys every second of it.

Humberg writes novels, comics, plays and non-fiction for children and adults. His works have already been translated into nearly a dozen languages and adapted for the stage many times, his columns appear nationwide in the press as well as at S. Fischer-Verlag and SYFY.de.

On the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the successful publicist received the Deutschen Phantastik-Preis in October 2015, and together with Bernd Perplies he developed the official novel trilogy for the fiftieth anniversary of his favorite franchise (Star Trek Prometheus, published by Cross Cult and Lübbe Audio) on Hollyood's behalf.


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