Casey Biggs at FEDCON. Meet him at our event!
Nana Visitor
26. January 2022
Vaughn Armstrong
26. January 2022

With Casey Biggs, the actor of the Cardassian Damar from the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine joins the invited guests of FedCon 30.

Biggs first aspired to a career as an American football player, but soon decided he would rather study acting. He gained his first stage experience in a singing club and a choir. He attended the renowned Juillliard School, from which he successfully graduated with a BFA in 1977.

His film debut followed just one year later, and since then the American-born actor has felt at home both in front of the camera and on numerous theater stages. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Casey Biggs was also seen in the role of Dr. Wykoff. This makes him one of the few actors to play two different characters in the same episode. He returned to the Star Trek universe in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Together with Ethan Phillips, Max Grodénchik, Vaughn Armstrong and Nana Visitor, Biggs will provide the best entertainment with the “Rat Pack” on Friday evening. Of course, there will also be autograph sessions and photo sessions with him.

FedCon 30 | Rat Pack

FedCon 30 | Rat Pack

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