In space no one can hear your score / lecture at FEDCON in Bonn
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23. February 2022
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26. February 2022

FedCon 30 | Vortrag | In space no one can hear your score | Markus Rogenhofer

Ewoks play Samba on Stormtrooper helmets; Vulcans have percussion for ritual mating; Star Wars fans put their babies to sleep by humming the Imperial March …

‘Othering’ is the practise of communicating something different from the known and/or self, and herein lies a little paradox: communicating the Unknown. One very efficient way to other that’s used throughout most media is music.

Science Fiction is inherently connected to this portrayal of something other than the norm. Thus when audiences partake in SF media consumption they are inevitable confronted with a variety of different forms of othering. It doesn’t really matter wether we look at how Mozart composed “exotic villains”, or how the soundtrack of the latest SF blockbuster portrays the “evil invaders from outer space”; there are a certain number of techniques which are used in musical othering – and in this talk we will scientifically observe them! Based on lots of examples from throughout the history of cinema and television music, we will explore these techniques and we’ll have a look on how they shape our perception: from binge-watching at home to geopolitical communication.

Lecturer: Markus Rogenhofer
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: english
Hi, my name is Markus Rogenhofer. I hold a master’s degree in musicology and am a professional musician and composer from Graz, Austria. Most of my work concerns the music of science fiction, but there is also medieval/renaissance music, a lot of rock, classical Indian music and, well, in truth it is a hodgepodge of anything I come across.

My talks will give you insight into the music of your fandoms from the perspective of pop/media-art studies, ethnomusicology, music-psychology and music-sociology; as for workshops, I bring experience from orchestras, all kinds of bands, as well as recording studios, and I am looking forward to make some music with you!

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