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14. December 2021
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FedCon 30 | Lesung | Sternenbrücke | Robert Corvus


Robert Corvus presents his latest science fiction novel STERNENBRÜCKE (Piper Verlag).

For Yul, a former starship doctor, loneliness is a terminal illness after the death of his wife. Friends and family leave him on the streets of Libreville. Only his dog Pilgrim remains with him.

Can he find his lost love in technical worlds of desire?

The money to do so could come from an under-light journey to the terminus of a destroyed star bridge: 146 years in a cryogenic sleep unit. At the destination, the only acquaintances left alive will be his shipmates. Among them is Reja, a fun-loving engineer. Can she give Yul a new perspective?

In the target system, they encounter a culture that challenges their thinking. Perhaps Yul and Reja have found a paradise – but they are not welcome here…

Lecturer: Robert Corvus
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Robert Corvus writes for the world's greatest science fiction series, PERRY RHODAN.

Under his pseudonym Bernard Craw, he has contributed novels to the BattleTech franchise. This has made him a name in military SF. Another focus is space opera. His titles are also published by Piper: Feuer der Leere, Das Imago-Projekt or currently Sternenbrücke, which mixes space opera with cyberpunk. Corvus is also active in fantasy. He enjoys attending national and international conventions, both as a fan and as a speaker.

Corvus was born in 1972 and lives in Cologne. When he's not busy with literature, you can often find him at the cinema or in the dance hall.

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