An important part of our conventions are lectures by experts and readings by well-known authors. Behind it are guests, such as directors, authors, experts, and many other clever and creative minds who give exciting lectures or read from a book. As a rule, there is also a book signing by the author after the respective readings.

You would like to apply with a lecture or a reading at FedCon? No problem. Just fill in the form below on this page. After receiving your message, we will check whether your lecture or reading is suitable for us. Please be patient until then – it may take some time.
16. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | ESA - Once explorers, always explorers

Once explorers, always explorers

The European Space Agency’s science and exploration missions have been much in the news over the last couple of years, with exciting results from its Gaia […]
12. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | ESA - ACTUALLY flying to Mars

ACTUALLY flying to Mars

Ever thought it easy to drop out of warp, enter standard orbit, start sensor scan and open a subspace channel? Ever wondered why the spacecraft circling […]
11. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | ESA - Ask the crew

Ask the crew

Is there anything you wanted to know about the real world of space but were too afraid to ask? Now is your chance – come to […]
11. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | ESA - Telemetry from Spaceship Earth

Telemetry from Spaceship Earth

You may not always think about it, but we’re all space travellers – hurtling around our star on a “mostly harmless” Class M planet. Our Spaceship […]
10. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Perry Rhodan - World's greatest SF-Series

Perry Rhodan – World’s greatest SF series

In this presentation, Robert Corvus – one of the “guest authors” of the series – tells us about the Perry Rhodan phenomenon. From 1961 up to […]
9. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | SF und Fantasy - ein Vergleich

SF and Fantasy – a comparison

The smuggler bar in an asteroid, the fighter pilot, the robot army: That’s science fiction. We meet the unicorn, the knight and the castle in Fantasy. […]
9. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Das Imago-Projekt

Das Imago-Projekt

Robert Corvus presents his SF novel “Das Imago-Projekt” in a reading Can anything else fill the void between the stars other than battle and destruction? For […]
8. May 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Das ultimative Trailer-Battle

The ultimate Trailer Battle

Where in the last years the best or even the worst – but certainly the weirdest – movie trailers were shown and commented on in the […]
23. March 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Kolonie 85 - Die Verschwörung

Kolonie 85 – Die Verschwörung

With Kolonie 85, the publishing house in Farbe und Bunt has a science fiction book series in its programme, which was launched in 2018. The story […]
21. March 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Klingonisch in den Medien

Klingon in the media

The Klingon language is widely known from the films and series of the Star Trek franchise. However, the language has long since grown beyond its borders […]
20. March 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Klingonisch für Einsteiger

Klingon for beginners

With Star Trek: Discovery, the Klingon language is on everyone’s lips again. But is this a real language? Can you really speak Klingon? And does Sheldon […]
17. March 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Die Krone der Sterne

Die Krone der Sterne

Reading by bestselling author Kai Meyer from his three-part space opera “Die Krone der Sterne” (The Crown of the Stars) From the content: “A dramatic space […]
16. March 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Es lebe Star Wars!

Long live Star Wars!

The author Thorsten Walch reads from his new book Es lebe Star Wars (Long live Star Wars), which will be published by iFub on 05.06.2019 and […]
14. March 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | The Orville = Star Trek?

The Orville = Star Trek?

How much Star Trek is in the new Fox series The Orville? The Orville is now in its 2nd season on Fox in the USA. In […]
23. February 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Neue SF-Indies und Fanfilme

New SF indies and fanfilms

In his lecture New SF indies and fanfilms at FedCon 28, the “Frenzied Space Reporter” Robert Vogel gives an overview of new fantastic films and series […]

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