Those were our starguests, lecturers and special guests at FedCon 31.

29. April 2023

Christina Chong

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is thrilling fans and we are all the more pleased to welcome Christina Chong, a leading actress from the current series, […]
11. February 2023

Joe Flanigan

Now nothing stands in the way of a successful Stargate: Atlantis mission at FedCon 31, as the SG team has gained another important member in Bonn […]
9. February 2023

Jacqueline Kim

Jacqueline Kim joins the FedCon 31 guest lineup as an actress from Star Trek Generations. Her prior experience was in theater – but when she arrived […]
7. February 2023

Anna-Louise Plowman

As archaeologist Dr. Sarah Gardner and powerful Goa’uld Osiris, Anna-Louise Plowman achieved international fame in Stargate SG-1. The New Zealand-born actress has also been seen in […]
5. February 2023

Simone Bailly

Now it’s about time that the Stargate team establishes a base in Bonn, because with Simone Bailly another actress from the series Stargate SG-1 joins our […]
3. February 2023

Patrick Currie

Patrick Currie is coming to FedCon 31 and enriches the Stargate guest line-up in Bonn, certainly to the delight of many fans. The actor can be […]
1. February 2023

Richard Poe

Our con guest Richard Poe has played a role in three Star Trek series. The California-born actor portrayed the Cardassian Gul Evek in Star Trek: The […]
30. January 2023

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson comes to FedCon 31 and expands the Stargate guest line-up in Bonn! From 1997 to 2005, Richard Dean Anderson was seen as Colonel […]
27. January 2023

Judson Scott

With Judson Scott we welcome a cast member from the feature film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). He was seen in the role […]
25. January 2023

John de Lancie

Not only Q from Star Trek has been around a lot, but also the charismatic man behind it – John de Lancie – can look back […]
23. January 2023

Connor Trinneer

He is not only known as Trip Tucker III, but also for his role as Michael Kenmore in Stargate: Atlantis – Connor Trinneer is coming to […]
21. January 2023

Dominic Keating

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed returns to FedCon in Bonn! Dominic Keating, who played this role in Star Trek: Enterprise, was born in Leicester, England. His first stage […]
19. January 2023

Lori Dungey (MC)

Lori Dungey is overjoyed to be joining her FedCon family once more as one of the MC’s.  The last couple of years have been challenging so […]
17. January 2023

Tony Amendola

Jaffa Master Bra’tac enriches the Stargate SG-1 guest line-up at FedCon 31. The character is played by Tony Amendola. The US-born actor is a trained theatre […]
15. January 2023

Teryl Rothery

It’s going to be a really cool “Come Together” at FedCon 31, because with Teryl Rothery we welcome another actress from Stargate SG-1. She can be […]
13. January 2023

Gigi Edgley

From 1999 to 2003, the SF series Farscape flickered across the domestic (tube) screens of enthusiastic fans with a total of four seasons. Gigi Edgley, who […]
11. January 2023

George Takei

We are delighted to welcome George Takei, a true icon from the pioneering days of the Star Trek universe, back to Germany at FedCon 31. In […]
16. November 2022

Ben Browder

Our FedCon 31 star guest Ben Browder has plenty of experience in traveling to other galaxies. The U.S. actor started his galactic mission in 1999 in […]
31. October 2022

Terry Farrell

She’s world famous and beloved as Jadzia Dax and she’s coming back to Germany. Terry Farrell will be at FedCon 31 in May 2023 in Bonn, […]
24. October 2022

Marina Sirtis

The Star Trek series Picard has certainly sent shivers down the spines of many fans. In addition to leading actor Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis also makes […]
21. October 2022

Michael Shanks

With Michael Shanks, we welcome another popular leading actor from the Stargate universe at FedCon 31. In his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson, he was a […]
3. October 2022

Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping opens the guest list at FedCon 31. The British-born actress has starred as Dr. Samantha Carter in 211 episodes of the cult science fiction […]

8. May 2023

Exploring Mars

ESA Panel – Exploring Mars Come with us as the European Space Agency takes you on a journey to Mars! During this panel you’ll hear from […]
6. May 2023

Human Spaceflight

ESA Panel – Human Spaceflight: How to be an Astronaut and make Replicators in LEO, Lunar and Beyond! Join Andrea Boyd and Aidan Cowley from ESA’s […]
16. March 2023

Dressing Rebels & Mandos

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …. It’s a turbulent time for the Rebellion and the Mandalorians. There are heroes on both […]
15. March 2023

Star Trek – recalculated again

This will be fun again: Dr. Hubert Zitt will ask Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring for the 2nd time at FedCon (mostly new) math problems about Star […]
8. March 2023

“The Planets” – A Sci-Fi Symphony

In 1914, the British composer Gustav Holst wrote his orchestral suite “The Planets“. Like many pieces of the late Romantic tradition, it had a great influence […]
2. March 2023

60 years of Doctor Who

The British cult SF TV series Doctor Who is 60 years old. Of course, this must be honored accordingly. Robert Vogel gives an overview of the […]
1. March 2023

Forever Nerd – 50 Years in Fandom

FOREVER NERD – 50 YEARS IN FANDOM … AND STILL NOT ENOUGH OF IT Robert Vogel is not only known as the “raving space reporter”, but […]
28. February 2023

Quo Vadis Stargate????

Several years have passed since the end of Stargate Universe. Except for the very unsuccessful Stargate Origins web series, it has become quiet around the stargate. […]
27. February 2023

Fantastic Commercials

We are constantly bombarded with commercials. But there are also commercials that seem to have been created just for us fans or have a “nerdy” element. […]
27. February 2023

You’ll never geek alone

Being a fan is even more fun together! News from the scene, reviews of new releases, exchanges with people who share the passion for all things […]
26. February 2023

Tales from the Holodeck

The Holodeck is a wonderful place for storytelling, especially in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The characters of the Star Trek world immerse themselves in another […]
25. February 2023

Fascination time travel

The Time Machine, Back to the Future, or when the Trek writers can’t think of anything else, there’s a time travel episode. Time travel is fascinating […]
24. February 2023

Space Costumes

The lecture Space Costumes – from fur bikinis to space suits clarifies some big questions about how the various costumes in sci-fi movies and series were […]
24. February 2023

A whisper from the stars

Robert Corvus is one of Germany’s most active science fiction authors. He is a member of the Perry Rhodan team, has contributed four novels to the […]
24. February 2023

Welcome to Batuu

„Bright Suns!“ These are the words used to greet each other at the Black Spire Outpost, a trading outpost on the planet Batuu and the venue […]
23. February 2023

The psychology of Star Trek

Welcome to the “LLAP* Academy”, where you will experience in a very practical way how and why the psychology of Star Trek works in our everyday […]
23. February 2023

A galaxy full of books

Under the title A galaxy full of books: Worldbuilding in Star Wars, Florian Baur takes you into the ever-expanding Star Wars galaxy – or more precisely, […]
22. February 2023

Where to put my hands?

Every year, convention-goers come to the convention wearing their first cosplay, as well as cosplayers who have been attending FedCon for many years who say they […]
21. February 2023

Making a Monkey of Yourself

Many people believe that the making of modern prosthetics is an expensive process that is beyond the abilities of the average cosplayer. This isn’t true!  In […]
21. February 2023

Alien Battle

Klingons, Wookiees or Tiuphores? Q, Yoda or ES? Tribbles, Tusks or mouse beavers? In which franchise do we meet the coolest aliens – Star Trek, Star […]
20. February 2023

Our Solar System

With a special sentence we learn which planets belong to our solar system. But there is more to it than that. What exactly are these planets? […]
20. February 2023

Star Trek-Chronik TNG & PICARD

Die Star Trek-Chronik im “Verlag in Farbe und Bunt”, die ausführlich durch die Entwicklung, Produktionsgeschichte und Nachwehen jeder einzelnen Star Trek-Produktion führt, geht mit TNG, der […]
19. February 2023

Mehr als Sand und Gewürz

Bei Dune denkt jeder an Arrakis, den Wüstenplaneten: endlose Sanddünen, Riesenwürmer und das Spice, das hellsichtig macht und für die interstellare Raumfahrt gebraucht wird. Aber wieso […]
19. February 2023

Planet Trek FM – Live-Podcast

Once again, “Planet Trek fm”, one of the most listened to German Star Trek podcasts, invites you to a live event at FedCon. Christian Humberg and […]
18. February 2023

Let’s talk TREK!

The podcasters of “Planet Trek fm”, Christian Humberg and Björn Sülter, invite again this year to the debate and the big group therapy session by Trekkies, […]
18. February 2023

Funny Fantasy: Drachengasse 13

With their witty fantasy novel series DRACHENGASSE 13, which has already been recommended by Stiftung Lesen, the German star authors Christian Humberg and Bernd Perplies (STAR […]
17. February 2023

Dive into the Perryverse!

You want to know how a cover for the biggest science fiction series in the world is created and experience it live? Are you wondering what […]
17. February 2023

Wie werde ich Nerd-Journalist?

You like to write and wish to make more out of your creative streak? Have you taken your first steps into journalism or as an author […]
16. February 2023

Theremin 2 – The return

Improved recipe: now with even more Theremin! Due to the interest and the nice requests for the lecture at the last FedCon, this year you have […]
16. February 2023

Beyond Berlin – Eine Reise endet

Although he is best known for his Star Trek nonfiction books such as Es lebe Star Trek and Die Star-Trek-Chronik, Björn Sülter is most passionate about […]
15. February 2023

Stargate and Ancient Egypt

It’s obvious that Roland Emmerich’s Stargate has a lot to do with ancient Egypt. But what is actually true about Daniel Jackson’s statement that Cheops did […]
14. February 2023

Is that Classical Music?

“– Yes, Doctor, it would seem to be.” At least according to Mr. Spock’s almost infallible assessment, the Beastie Boys have moved into this category in […]
14. February 2023

Star Trek Filming Sites IV

“Star Trek. The Final Frontier. These are the adventures of fans on the road, exploring original locations and creating new stills. In the process, they’re penetrating […]
13. February 2023

Whales, SF and space travel

In the 60’s, space travel developed rapidly. Would one meet aliens in space? How would one communicate with them? In search of alien communication patterns, NASA […]
12. February 2023

The science behind Avatar

With Avatar, James Cameron became a legend and created a complex ecosystem. With Avatar – The Way of Water, the man obsessed with film and the […]
11. February 2023

Errors in Star Trek?

Star Trek is known for presenting technical details as scientifically correct as possible in the movies and series. Nevertheless, in over 800 episodes, a few errors […]
11. February 2023

Star Trek Filming Sites III

“Star Trek. The Final Frontier. These are the adventures of fans on the road, exploring original locations and creating new stills. In the process, they’re penetrating […]
10. February 2023

De and me

Under the title De and me you can expect a reading from the book DeForest Kelley: Ganz nah & persönlich (DeForest Kelley: Up Close & Personal) […]
9. February 2023

Plants in Star Trek

Plants in Star Trek? Yes, they exist – and they play a leading role from the first episode of The Original Series on! In my lecture, […]
8. February 2023

How to fly on Mars

The Mars Rover Perseverance has become the first vehicle in the history of space travel to bring a companion to an alien planet. A flight-capable drone. […]

24. February 2023

Bring Trek to the plate

Captain Archer already said: A spaceship runs on the stomach of the crew! In the latest spin-off of the Strange New Worlds franchise, Pike invites the […]
22. February 2023

My protagonist, the AI

The robot – selfless helper or uncaring killing machine? The electronic world brain – wise overfather or rational slave master? Data and Mother, NATHAN, Wall-E, Bishop […]
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