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FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Rovers - Die Rückkehr | Jeanette Müller

Perceverance, Nasa’s fifth Mars rover, has already celebrated its first anniversary on the red planet. Its wingman Ingenuity, the Mars helicopter, is also on board. But what is a vehicle the size of a small car doing on Mars? Where will a $2 billion project take us?

Beyond a short introduction to all previous drivable Mars missions, Jeanette Müller would like to take you on a journey to Mars and back again this year under the motto Rovers – the Return. An adventure that has already begun and will possibly not be over for another 30 years. A journey that will bring Martian rocks, collected by Perceverance, back to Earth.

And because flying is so much nicer than just driving, the Mars helicopter is also examined in detail.

Lecturer: Jeanette Müller
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
My name is Jeanette Müller and I was born in Munich in 1982. Today I live in Stuttgart.

Besides my professional work as a software developer for mobile apps, my Star Trek come true, I indulge in my favorite hobby, model building.

Already in the 90s I built everything the market gave me. Of course spaceships from Star Trek, the Babylon 5 station, Star Destroyers or the SeaQuest. Since 2018, I have been building models from the TV series The Expanse. In the Artshow you can see some models again this year.

My crown jewel, however, is the Mars Rover Perseverance, replicated in 1 to 4 scale and remote controlled.

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