Robert Eiba, Autor auf FEDCON

Robert Eiba

16. September 2021

Programm online

To help you plan your visit to FedCon, you can download the current program for the event as a PDF file here. This file is also […]
12. September 2021

Soundtrack/Score Episode 1

Whether movies or series, the right music is an important building block for the medium. Semir Ayar wants to talk shop with fans about this in […]
3. September 2021

Isa Briones

Actor/Singer Isa Briones begins her second year as a series regular on the highly received CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard. Isa plays multiple characters […]
1. September 2021

Discovery Panel – Live-Podcast

At the end of September 2017, a new Star Trek era began. Star Trek: Discovery has been just the starting gun, to so much more. As […]
27. August 2021

Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS MagicCon 4 + FedCon 29 stay on course as planned! Regarding the realization of our events MagicCon 4 (10/15 – 10/17/2021) and FedCon 29 […]
20. August 2021

Emily Coutts

The Canadian actress Emily Coutts is currently playing Lieutenant Keyla Detmer on CBS’s hit show Star Trek: Discovery. She is a graduate of “The Acting Conservatory” […]
1. August 2021

Star Trek for listening

Whether as an audio play or an audio book, stories for the ears open up entirely new possibilities. In the listener’s imagination, entire worlds and universes […]
30. July 2021
FedCon 29 | Stargast | Sara Mitich

Sara Mitich

Sara Mitich killed two birds … er … with one stone in Star Trek: Discovery. The Canadian-born actress played the cyborg Lt. Cmdr. Airiam in the […]
28. July 2021

2 and a half Rover

First, Curiosity landed on Mars in the “7 minutes of terror” in 2012. In February 2021, its sister “Perseverance” landed on our neighboring planet as the […]
21. July 2021

Star Trek dubbing

Star Trek in German is a story with literally some misunderstandings, but also numerous successes. Voice actor Benjamin Stöwe gives an insight into Star Trek dubbing […]