Robert Eiba, Autor auf FEDCON

Robert Eiba

27. September 2023

Anson Mount

In Star Trek: Discovery, we were treated to the premiere of Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, who will return to FedCon in 2024. The US […]
31. August 2023

LeVar Burton

Actor, director, producer, writer and educator LeVar Burton returns to Bonn for FedCon 32! In 1986, Gene Roddenberry approached LeVar Burton with the role of then-Lieutenant […]
20. August 2023

Terry Matalas

An exclusive look behind the scenes of Star Trek: Picard and other series in the franchise will be provided by Terry Matalas, who we are pleased […]
3. August 2023

Mica Burton

The third season of Star Trek: Picard is celebrated by the fans, because here the Trekkie heart gets its money’s worth in terms of story, atmosphere […]
20. July 2023

Todd Stashwick

The third season of Star Trek: Picard hit right into the hearts of the fans and therefore we are even more pleased to welcome Todd Stashwick, […]
9. May 2023

German Spock

German Spock – Down to earth! Germany’s most famous Vulcan, and probably the one who most resembles the original, will join you at Fedcon 31 in […]
8. May 2023

Exploring Mars

ESA Panel – Exploring Mars Come with us as the European Space Agency takes you on a journey to Mars! During this panel you’ll hear from […]
6. May 2023

Human Spaceflight

ESA Panel – Human Spaceflight: How to be an Astronaut and make Replicators in LEO, Lunar and Beyond! Join Andrea Boyd and Aidan Cowley from ESA’s […]
29. April 2023

Christina Chong

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is thrilling fans and we are all the more pleased to welcome Christina Chong, a leading actress from the current series, […]
25. March 2023

Indiana Jokes

Indiana Jokes – Jäger des verlorenen Scherzes Indy is back! Funny cartoons and fun facts about Indiana Jones by Dennis Bruhn and Miguel Fernandez Just in […]