Robert Eiba, Autor auf FEDCON

Robert Eiba

14. May 2022

TELE 5: Home of Sci Fi with Oliver Kalkofe

Why is science fiction so important for TELE 5? What is “Star Trek Monday”? What series are coming soon? Why is Flash Gordon a “KulFaZ” and […]
10. May 2022

Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering, the twin sisters of discovery Space Science is about formulating new ideas, and then testing them to see whether they are true. Space […]
10. May 2022

How to be an Astronaut?

How to be an Astronaut? & What’s Up With Space Junk? Join us for a double-header talk right from the “Bridge” of ESA – featuring two […]
10. May 2022

Ask the crew – Q&A Special

Is there anything you wanted to know about the real world of space but were too afraid to ask? Now is your chance – come to […]
30. April 2022

Trailer Battle!

At FedCon 30, Claudia Kern and Steffen Volkmer will present you the best, strangest, sometimes even worst trailers they have found on the net. Vote and […]
27. April 2022

Lori Dungey (MC)

Lori Dungey is so pleased to be coming back, she’s desperately missed all the warm and fuzzies that FedCon brings.  Finally the borders are open and […]
27. April 2022

Nessi (MC)

Nessi returns once again to the FedCon spotlight. Together with Lori Dungey she will take over the stage moderation as “Mistress of Ceremonies”. Longtime -goers definitely […]
16. April 2022

Film presentation – Rise of the Last Intern

Team Saberproject presents: RISE OF THE LAST INTERN Everything is possible as long as you have a lightsaber Film presentation by Tim Dagott with “Behind the […]
13. April 2022

Mando Mercs

The Jai’Galaar Clan is the German representation of the Mando Mercs Costume Club, one of the largest worldwide Star Wars costume clubs in the world, recognized […]
9. April 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope: from first light to new planets After more than three decades of development, construction, integration, and test, the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb […]