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18. January 2022
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4. February 2022

FedCon 30 | Workshop | Interaktive Geschichte im All | Lenita Wolfar

What do interactive stories, role-playing and improv theater have to do with each other? Well, quite a lot, especially when Lenita Wolfar has her fingers in the pie and mimes the narrator. You can expect fun, chaos and an insight into what it’s like to spontaneously bring whole stories and universes to life. Be there as one of the (show)players who lets his character travel through a new and unusual adventure in front of the audience, or influence the story from the background, throw in ideas and just create even more chaos. Or just enjoy the show, get carried away and inspired. So just let your fanatsie run wild with this event.

What will the story be about? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourselves. Players will, of course, learn some background beforehand so they can customize their character. But everyone else… really, do you want to start the story from scratch? Let’s just say that you can look forward to a journey into the depths of space. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a reference to the con.

Workshop leader: Lenita Wolfar
Max. attendance: 6  -  Pre-registration at:
Fee: Free  -  Duration: 60 min
The Workshop will be held in: german  -  Material to be brought: fun and ideas
Lenita Wolfar is a Twitch streamer, though games aren't her specialty. Instead, she tells sci-fi and fantasy stories in which the viewers can intervene, talks about various topics, whereby she has a soft spot for conversations that revolve around "nerddom" and also offers a virtual book club once a week.

The self-proclaimed storyteller of Twitch also enjoys taking others into strange worlds as a game master or as a role-player herself. After 15 years as a gamer and a good 10 years of experience as a leader, she believes she has at least a little idea of what she's actually doing.

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