Michael Carter in Bonn | FEDCON - meet him at our event!
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FedCon 30 | Stargast | Michael Carter (Bib Fortuna)

Visitors from the planet Tatooine have announced themselves for FedCon 30. More precisely, from Jabba’s palace we welcome the chief advisor of the crime lord – Bib Fortuna – at the Maritim Hotel Bonn. The Twi’lek was played by Michael Carter in Return of the Jedi.

During his career, the English actor and screenwriter has worked on over 100 productions. Carter learned his craft by studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Long before his appearance in Star Wars Galaxy, he made his first forays into the SF genre with minor roles in the cult TV series Doctor Who (1971).

Look forward to Michael Carter at FedCon 33, who is guaranteed to have many interesting stories in store about the filming of Episode VI. The elaborate transformation from a human into a Twi’lek is certainly one of them…

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