ESA Special: Science and Engineering / lecture at FEDCON
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10. May 2022
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11. February 2023

FedCon 30 | Vortrag | Science and Engineering - The Twin Sisters of Discovery | Charlotte Götz & Armelle Hubault

Science and Engineering, the twin sisters of discovery

Space Science is about formulating new ideas, and then testing them to see whether they are true.

Space Engineering as about finding safe solutions to remotely operate unreachable and irreplaceable spacecraft.

The needs of one can often clash with the other, and while the sparks may fly, balancing these two is the cornerstone of so much of the achievements of the spacecraft of the European Space Agency (not to mention the plot of more than one Star Trek episode!). These achievements have seen Europe’s space missions creating new and unforeseen operating modes, observing unexpected phenomenon or even gaining whole new science instruments while in flight!

Join Scientist Charlotte Götz and Spacecraft Operations Engineer Armelle Hubault to hear about their personal experiences from each of the two sides – it will be a science vs. engineering battle royale that you won’t want to miss. Come along for tales of scientists’ daring requests and engineers pushing the limits or their machines and how all of this has lead to some truly out-of-this-world science.


Lecturer: Charlotte Götz, Armelle Hubault
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: english
Charlotte Götz is a Research Fellow at ESA’s ESTEC site in the Netherlands, working on plasma and magnetic fields at comets and Mars. She became a space scientist because thanks to her early start watching Star Trek from age five.

- Favorite spacecraft: Rosetta
- Favorite moon: Didymoon
- Favorite spaceship: USS Prometheus

With close to 20 years’ experience flying ESA’s interplanetary spacecraft, it’s been quite a trek from Earth to Comet 67/P and then on to Mars. Now settled around Mars orbit, Armelle Hubault still has too many hobbies!

- Favorite spacecraft: Voyager 2
- Favorite moon: Ours!
- Favorite spaceship: Mk.3 Viper

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