Experience John Barrowman live! | FEDCON 29
FedCon 30 | Stargast | Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner
21. January 2022

Our FedCon 30 star guest John Barrowman is sure to delight the numerous fans of several successful series, because the popular actor can be admired, for example, in the series hit Arrow or the TV cult classic Doctor Who and its equally successful spin-off Torchwood in leading roles.

John Barrowman’s long filmography includes numerous other well-known productions such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Reign and Desperate Housewifes. He also slipped into his super villain role as Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer as speaker for the LEGO DC Super Villains movie.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, John Barrowman not only proves his multi-talented talent in film and series, but also in his own entertainment show Tonight’s The Night (2009 – 2011).

Barrowman started his career in music theatre with numerous appearances in London’s West End and Broadway. Since then he recorded several solo albums and published with his sister Carole E. Barrowman several autobiographies and children’s books. He is also a welcome guest in shows.

So a lot of variety is guaranteed when John Barrowman enters the stage of FedCon 30. Of course you can also get a shared photo and/or autograph. Have a look at the Ticket-Shop right now.

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