FEDCON: Space Costumes - Lecture
A whisper from the stars
24. February 2023
FedCon 31 | Vortrag (Lesung) | Faszination Zeitreise | Joachim Sohn
Fascination time travel
25. February 2023

FedCon 31 | Vortrag | Space Costumes | Lian Hedwig

The lecture Space Costumes – from fur bikinis to space suits clarifies some big questions about how the various costumes in sci-fi movies and series were made. So what kind of materials the costumes are made of or can be made of and how they were and are made.

A small outline of the sci-fi costume world should give a good overview of the versatility of the costumes and clarify some ‘hidden’ secrets. It will go into the beginnings of the sci-fi genre and into the world of the flashiest costumes.

During the lecture there will be a small FAQ-round, where you are welcome to ask one or two questions about the lecture topic.

There will be some illustrative material to show how some costume constructions work and what is hidden behind one or the other “hidden” costume secret. Be curious!

Lecturer: Lian Hedwig
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Lian Hedwig has been attending various conventions since 2005. First at RingCon, later also at FedCon. Since 2009 Lian Hedwig is cosplayer and the first cosplay was T'Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise. Later various other cosplays and costumes followed, but especially in the area of steampunk and Star Trek in general.

Since 2004 the knowledge in tailoring, design and pattern construction has been continuously expanded and with meanwhile 19 years of sewing experience this offers a solid foundation for the hobby. It has been sewn successfully for ladies, as well as for men and children.

Also some experience as an actress, where Lian Hedwig got a lot of knowledge through the costume department and dressing, enrich the wealth of knowledge of costume design and cosplays.

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