FEDCON: "The Planets" - A Sci-Fi Symphony - Lecture
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2. March 2023
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FedCon 31 | Vortrag | "Die Planeten" - A Sci-Fi Symphony | Tiffany Gauger

In 1914, the British composer Gustav Holst wrote his orchestral suite “The Planets“.

Like many pieces of the late Romantic tradition, it had a great influence on the emergence of symphonic film music. No other piece, however, has had such a lasting sonic influence on the sound worlds of major sci-fi and comic book adaptations as this work. Thus, “The Planets” not only served John Williams as an inspiration for his monumental film music for Star Wars, but also sound parts or whole quotations of various themes from “The Planets” appear again and again in the film music of other great sci-fi and comic book adaptations such as Aliens, Predator, Batman Returns; Batman Forever and Solo: A Star Wars Story and many more.

This lecture will not only briefly introduce the piece itself, but will also use some brief sound samples to show the direct relationship to the film scores influenced by it. For at the time of its creation, this cosmologically influenced work of program music was itself a small piece of science fiction.

Lecturer: Tiffany Gauger
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Coming from a family of musicians, classical soprano Tiffany Gauger has called the stage her home since early childhood. Since the age of 13, she has received not only classical voice lessons, but also instrumental lessons in piano and flute. Even before her studies, she gained plenty of stage experience in musical/show and studio work. After graduating from high school, she studied voice, music and philosophy at the Hochschule für Musik and the JGU Mainz. Simultaneously with the end of her studies she made her first debut in the role of the "Queen of the Night" in W.A. Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte" (The Magic Flute). Since then she has been working as a freelance opera singer. Previous engagements have taken her to the Stadttheater Gießen, Stadttheater Trier, Staatstheater Darmstadt and Staatstheater Wiesbaden, among others, as well as to the international Wiesbaden May Festival (2018 and 2022) for the second time.

In addition to her work at the theater, she can also be heard again and again with numerous shows and solo programs. Here her extensive repertoire includes the areas, opera, operetta, chanson and musical.

She has also been very successful as a singing teacher for several years. Among other things, she held a teaching position for singing at the state-approved vocational school for musical "Musical Arts Academy Mainz" from 2018 to 2021, whose department for singing she headed from 2020-2021. Since 2022 she leads her own singing school in Speyer in cooperation with musical performer Björn Breckheimer and "StimmDich".

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