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FEDCON 25 | Connor Trinneer
Connor Trinneer
25. June 2015
Hallie Todd
6. July 2015
He hasn’t been to FedCon in a long time, so it was about time: Dominic Keating, well known due to his role as Malcolm Reed, is coming to FedCon 25.

Malcolm Reed – Star Trek: Enterprise
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed stems from an old British military family and serves as tactical Officer and chief of security on Enterprise-NX01. Reed is very introverted, he has little contact to his family or to other people. He also doesn't have deep friendships and only little private contact with Commander Trip Tucker on Enterprise-NX01. Reed is careful and suspicious concerning other species. In his opinion, Captain Jonathan Archer often is too careless. Reed is allergic to dust mites, oak pollen, tropical grasses and various plant enzymes, including bromelin, which, ironically, is found in pineapples, his favorite food. So in order to enjoy pineapples, he needs medicine regularely.

Dominic Keating was born in Leicester, England. His first stage experiences caused his teacher to call him a “bright, young hope”. He surprisingly graduated on University College in London first in history – not in acting. Keating stuck with his preference towards acting and took part in some university productions, still hoping to play at a professional theatre.

Keating played in the movie Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen and Martin Short. He also played in the Oscar awarded movie Almost Famous and acted with Raquel Welch in What I did for Love. Keating got his first American role in the movie The Hollywood Sign side by side with Rod Steiger, Burt Reynolds and Tom Berenger.

He got his first leading role on TV in the series Glory Days, another main role in Desmond’s, a recurring role in The Immortals and G vs E, plus some guest roles in Special Unit 2, Buffy and Poltergeist: The Legacy. Dominic Keating played the tactical Officer Malcolm Reed in Star Trek: Enterprise from 2001 to 2005, a role, which made him rather famous. In addition to this role, Dominic Keating has also spoken in the documentary film Trekkies, produced by Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar – Star Trek: The Next Generation). Among others, Dominic was seen on stage in the university productions Life Class and Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead.

He was also awarded for best acting role as Cosmo in The Pitchfork Disney at Bush Theatre in London. Furthermore, he was on stage with The Christian Brothers in King’s Cross as well as in The Best Years of your Life in the Man in the Moon Theatre in Chelsea.

Dominic Keating got the Mobile Prize for his performance in Amongst Barbarians at Royal Exchange in Manchester. He also had appearances in Screamers on Edinburgh Playhouse Festival and in Alfie on Tiffany Theatre in Los Angeles.

The actor lives in Los Angeles - he loves playing golf, swimming, music, reading and travelling. During filming his project The Ninong, he met his current girlfriend Tam Nguyen. Current projects are: Luther in Sons of Anarchy, roles in Sunset Bar and The Captains Close Up.

Dominic Keating comes to FedCon for the fourth time, after attending the convention in 2002, 2005 and 2009. His fans clearly remember him due to his natural, funny and charming temper and of course due to his many visits to the Piano Bar.

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