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FedCon 31 | Vortrag (Lesung) | Faszination Zeitreise | Joachim Sohn

The Time Machine, Back to the Future, or when the Trek writers can’t think of anything else, there’s a time travel episode. Time travel is fascinating and always good for a story.

In 2021, author Joachim Sohn has already shown us what is possible in the fascinating world of time travel fiction with a reading from Wie ich mit Jesus Star Wars rettete. With the volumes Fluch der Katharer and Propaganda der Tat, he has opened another time travel window that sends readers on time travel adventures both to the Middle Ages and to the distant future with a cool squad from Wilhelmine Wiesbaden to prevent crimes on the ground before they happen.

So this year, with short excerpts from this time agent universe and the newly released book Die Nacht des Mondbogens, he introduces us to just how broad this subgenre of fantasy can additionally be.

Lecturer: Joachim Sohn
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Joachim Sohn was born in Wiesbaden in 1968, studied comparative linguistics, Romance studies and theater, film and television studies in Mainz, Constance and Berlin. He also qualified as an animation designer at the Animation School in Hamburg. He worked freelance for German animated film productions for many years and has been working as an animation director in an advertising agency in Düsseldorf since 2004.

Joachim Sohn has been writing since 2010, including short stories, narratives and novels, all of which can be classified as fantasy.

The main focus is on the genres of animal fantasy and time travel adventures. Among them are the spectacular adventures of the cat detectives Sunnie & Polli, Die Zeitagenten and his religion parody Wie ich Jesus Star Wars zeigte and Wie ich mit Jesus Star Wars rettete.

Joachim Sohn is a member of the Phantastik-Autoren-Netzwerk.

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