Joe Flanigan live in Bonn | FEDCON 31
Jacqueline Kim
9. February 2023
FedCon 32 | Mistress of Ceremonies | Lori Dungey
Lori Dungey (MC)
28. February 2024

Now nothing stands in the way of a successful Stargate: Atlantis mission at FedCon 31, as the SG team has gained another important member in Bonn in the person of Joe Flanigan. As Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, the American actor with his quirky sense of humour and his extraordinary flight talents steers himself confidently through all five seasons of the popular SF series.

Long before his star mission, Joe Flanigan gained his first experience on the stage at a young age. After a series of odd jobs, he finally began to study at the New York acting school “Neighborhood Playhouse” and gained his first experience in front of the camera in commercials.

In 1994 he made his debut as a leading actor in the TV mini-series Family Album. Many other productions followed, among them roles in series like Dawson’s Creek, CSI: Miami, Warehouse 13, Fringe or 2019 in General Hospital, which has been flickering over the screen since 1963.

On FedCon 33 the smart Joe Flanigan will answer your questions on stage and of course you can already get an autograph or a photo with him.

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