Judson Scott live in Bonn | FEDCON 31
FedCon 31 | Stargast | John de Lancie
John de Lancie
25. January 2023
FedCon 31 | Stargast | Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson
30. January 2023

With Judson Scott we welcome a cast member from the feature film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). He was seen in the role of Joachim, Khan’s right-hand man. In 1988, the California-born actor returned to the Trek universe in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Sobi. In Star Trek: Voyager, Scott played the Romulan Commander Rekar.

Further excursions into the SF genre were made by Judson Scott in the miniseries V (Lt. James), Babylon 5 (Knight One) and The X-Files (Absalom). The charismatic actor can also be found in Charmed and the action film Blade.

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