FEDCON: You'll never geek alone - Vortrag
FedCon 31 | Vortrag | Geschichten aus dem Holodeck | Dr. Sebastian Stoppe
Tales from the Holodeck
26. February 2023
Fantastic Commercials
27. February 2023

FedCon 31 | Vortrag | You'll never geek alone | Robert Corvus (Moderation), Christian Quietschke, Nessi, Alex Haas, Christoph Uhlen, Christian Wähner, Dominik Totsche

Being a fan is even more fun together!

News from the scene, reviews of new releases, exchanges with people who share the passion for all things geeky – you can feel what the geek heart beats for.

On our panel, we talk to activists who bring the fandom together and keep it together. Last Geek Tonight streams on Twitch about Star Trek, Star Wars, nerdy science and marble games. Radio Freies Ertrus discusses everything to do with the current Perry Rhodan series and Nebular. Stardust ruft Terra also looks into the long history of Perry Rhodan, while no work is safe from the Weltendieb podcast, in which hobbits wander or spaceships fly.

  • What fascinates and motivates the faces behind these formats? How do they experience the community?
  • What goes down well with streaming and podcasting – what content excites the fanbase?

Moderator Robert Corvus will tease this and more out of our panellists.

Lecturer: Robert Corvus (Moderation)
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german


Robert Corvus

As a science fiction and fantasy author, Robert Corvus is repeatedly on the Spiegel bestseller list. He is part of the Perry Rhodan team of authors.


Christian Quitschke and Nessi (Last Geek Tonight)

Since April 2020, Last Geek Tonight has become an integral part of the nerd world. The constantly growing channel is active on Youtube and Twitch and delights its community with interesting interviews, exciting Thementalks, funny Lets Plays, cult ConShows and above all chaos - because you should not take the creators of LGT too seriously, they do not do it either.

Alex Haas and Christoph Uhlen (Radio Freies Ertrus)

In 2019, Alex and Christoph stepped up to chat about Perry Rhodan together now and then. By now, their musically accompanied podcast covers the whole world of Perry Rhodan, in which they give their subjective view of the world's greatest science fiction series.

Christian Wähner and Dominik Totsche (Weltendieb Podcast and Stardust ruft Terra)

Weltendieb is a literature blog and home to various podcasts. In the various formats (including Stardust ruft Terra), Dominik and Chris deal with the different aspects of their reading journeys. The Perry Rhodan series is one of their favourite topics.

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Robert Corvus


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