FEDCON: The science behind Avatar - Lecture
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FedCon 31 | Vortrag | Die Wissenschaft hinter Avatar | Bettina Wurche

With Avatar, James Cameron became a legend and created a complex ecosystem. With Avatar – The Way of Water, the man obsessed with film and the oceans dives into the oceans of his planet Pandora. His alien ocean teems with life and is an extremely colorful explosion of colors and shapes. A Na`vi clan adapted to life on and in the ocean glides through and over the water on animals with six fins and is friends with other species in the ocean.

What terrestrial templates lie behind these sessile and free-swimming creatures? Are the ecosystem and species plausible? And: How realistic is the Na`vi’s communication with the inhabitants of their oceans? And how likely is it that we humans will one day be able to communicate with marine animals?

In recent years, surprising new results on animal emotions and languages have led to a different view, which will be briefly presented in the lecture The Science Behind Avatar by Bettina Wurche.

Lecturer: Bettina Wurche
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Bettina Wurche, a graduate biologist, science journalist and science blogger, studied in Hamburg, specializing in marine biology. On sea voyages mainly in waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, the whale expert has seen over 1000 whales.

She loves to write and speak about creatures in the seas of the past, present and future. On Earth and other worlds. The exploration, sustainable use and protection of the oceans with their unique ecosystems is her special concern. Her work focuses on knowledge and science marketing, mostly writing for Spektrum or Bild der Wissenschaft u ä Medien. Born in Hamburg, she became stranded in Darmstadt, where she came into contact with space travel - as an astrobiology consultant for ESA or TerraX, among others. Another focus is on future technologies and extrapolations of possible life scenarios.

She has also been writing the successful science blog Meertext. As a self-confessed science fiction fan, she uses the imaginative and narrative strength of SF for knowledge and science communication.

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