How to fly on Mars / FEDCON 31 - Lecture
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9. February 2023

FedCon 31 | Vortrag | How to fly on Mars | Jeanette Müller

The Mars Rover Perseverance has become the first vehicle in the history of space travel to bring a companion to an alien planet. A flight-capable drone. This is called Ingenuity and is only the first of a whole series of flyable drones on alien planets.

Ingenuity appears quite unimpressive as a golden handkerchief box with a large double rotor. But it can do amazing things.

What does it actually take to fly on Mars. What does the technology have to do. Where can artificial intelligence help and how do you test a device on Earth that is designed for a different planet, a different atmosphere and for more or less gravity.

In the lecture How to fly on Mars, Jeanette Müller gives you a beginner-friendly start into modern aviation on alien planets. And her 1-to-4 scale replica of Perseverance will also be on hand.

Lecturer: Jeanette Müller
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

My name is Jeanette Müller and I was born in Munich in 1982. Today I live in Stuttgart.

Besides my professional work as a software developer, I develop apps for smartphones, my Star Trek come true, I indulge in my favorite hobby, miniature modeling and robotics construction.

Already in the 90s I built everything that the market gave. Of course spaceships from Star Trek, the station Babylon 5, star destroyers or the submarine SeaQuest. Since 2018, I have been building models from the TV series The Expanse.

The crown jewel, however, is the Mars Rover Perseverance, replicated and remote controlled on a scale of 1 to 4, as well as astromechs from Star Wars.

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