FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Zeitreisen und temporale Logik
Time travel and temporal logic
9. February 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Science && Fiction im Zeitalter der Mondlandungen
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14. February 2019
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Antikenrezeption in Star Trek

FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Antikenrezeption in Star Trek

The partly very intensive antique reception in the Star Trek universe has already been pointed out frequently, whereby most of these investigations refer to individual aspects of this reception. As part of my research projects on antique reception in science fiction, horror and fantasy, I have compiled some of these aspects and will gladly offer a more in-depth overview of them in my lecture.

I will go into more detail on the episodes “Plato’s stepchildren”, “Who mourns for Adonais” and “Bread and Circuses” from Star Trek: The Original Series, while The Next Generation focuses on the famous Gilgamesh episode and Voyager on “Barge of the Dead”. There are also smaller forms of reception, e.g. in relation to spaceship names.

The consequences mentioned show a very high degree of very intelligent and multi-layered reception of antiquity, which I would like to shed more light on. For only at first glance is there hardly anything further apart than antiquity and science fiction. Indeed, science fiction makes enormous use of the testimonies of the ancient world, as the lecture Antique reception in Star Trek at FedCon shows.

Lecturer: Dr. Michael Kleu
Duration: 45 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Dr. Michael Kleu, born 1978, has been teaching Ancient History and Historical Sciences at the University of Cologne since 2009. Since the end of 2017 he has led a research project on the reception of antiquity in science fiction, horror and fantasy, the results of which are published on fantastischeantike.de.

In February, Kleu's editorship "Antikenrezeption in der Science Fiction" is published by Oldib-Verlag, in which he himself deals with the reception of antiquity in the works of Isaac Asimov. The follow-up volumes deal with the reception of antiquity in the fantasy and horror genres.

In March he gives a lecture on the reception of antiquity in science fiction at the Starbase Charity Convention.

Further information on: http://alte-geschichte.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/238.html

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