Cast-Blast 2019 at FedCon - FEDCON by and with the Nerdizists
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Nerd-Quiz 2019 SF-Edition
Nerd-Quiz 2019 SF-Edition
20. September 2018
FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Die VFX bei B5 und Star Trek
The VFX at B5 and Star Trek
14. October 2018

FedCon 28 | Vortrag | Cast-Blast 2019 at FedCon

The Nerdizists invite you again to the Cast-Blast 2019. Look forward to the best SciFi Podcasters of the Republic. “Live on Stage” we talk about our life as SciFi fans and the individual podcasts in particular. The chance to meet the voices behind your favorite podcasts live.

What is a Podcast actually?

The word “Podcast” was created on the Internet. It consists of POD and CAST. POD comes from “iPod” – that is a certain portable audio player for music data, an “MP3 player”. CAST is a part of the word “broadcast”, the English word for “broadcast”. Freely translated Podcast is thus a kind of “transmission for MP3-Player” or also “radio to take away”.

Every month we reach up to 10,000 unique visitors via and generate a reach of up to 31,000 users on our Facebook channel with more than 1,200 subscribers. Our episodes are downloaded up to 7000x per month and with more than 100,000 downloads so far they are brought to the ears of eager nerds. We are particularly pleased to be ranked among the top 5 German podcasts by the well-known YouTuber “Nerd Scene Investigation” and to have been recommended as a podcast by Antenne Düsseldorf at the “Sendung mit dem Internet”.

Lecturer: Chris and Michael
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
As a podcast for nerd topics we are since the end of 2014 under, as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter online active and present. In 6 podcast formats with over 100 episodes so far, Chris, Michael and Anja discuss with numerous guests, like the Grimme award winner and director Tommy Krappweis, the cosplayer Liechee Cosplay or the game expert Andreas Garbe from ZDF, lively and passionately about everything that touches nerds. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from DC to Marvel, from Cosplay to Games, the Nerdicists talk their way into the heart of the German nerd community.

For our podcast and website we are also on the road with versatile panels and discussions at conventions and many nerdy events to get fans and stars in front of the microphone. Recently at FedCon and MagicCon in Bonn, CCON | COMIC CON GERMANY in Stuttgart, the German ComicCon Dortmund or the GamesCom in Cologne where we found a lot of interest with our nerd quiz.

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