Die zweite Erde FEDCON lecture by Christian Humberg and Anika Klüver
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6. January 2019
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The future ends … NOW!

After internationally acclaimed Star Trek novels and bestsellers with Perry Rhodan, the well-known writer and thoroughbred geek Christian Humberg (“Geek Pray Love”, “Star Trek Prometheus”) now presents his new breathtaking SF saga. Exclusively for FedCon he and editor Anika Klüver present the official premiere reading from “Die zweite Erde”!

In six exciting novels, which will be published this summer by the renowned Cologne publisher Lübbe (and as an audio book by Lübbe Audio), Humberg takes his SF readers into a gloomy future: In order to ensure the survival of their species, mankind leaves the Earth, which has been irreparably destroyed after generations of environmental pollution, and searches for a second home in space. But mysterious processes sabotage the “Mission Genesis”, which was started in such an idealistic way. Will the settlers be able to put down new roots in the depths of space?

Christian Humberg and editor Anika Klüver report on the genesis of the novels, read selected scenes and answer questions from the audience in their usual humorous way. In addition, of course, they are also available for signing requests.

Lecturer: Christian Humberg
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Christian Humberg writes novels, comics, plays and non-fiction books for children and adults and works as a translator and editor. His works have already been translated into seven languages and adapted for the stage several times. His monthly columns are published nationwide. On the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2015, he was awarded the "Deutschen Phantastik-Preis". Humberg lives in front of a PC monitor that blocks his view of Mainz Cathedral.

Anika Klüver lives and works in the Oberbergisches Land region and has been working as an author, translator and editor for various publishing houses since 2009. Among other things, she has translated Richard Castle's "Nikki-Heat" novels into German and worked as a translator on the new edition of Ian Fleming's works about the world's most famous secret agent. She has also edited or translated numerous Star Trek novels. For several years she has also been a member of the team of authors of the series of novels "Professor Zamorra - Der Meister des Übersinnlichen" published by Bastei Verlag since 1974.
When she's not saving the world with James Bond or flying through space with Captain Kirk, Anika Klüver also spends most of her private time in other worlds, both in written and cinematic form.

Sources & additional links for Die zweite Erde:

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