The Movie Stars Heinsberg are back at FEDCON 29
FedCon 28 | Specials | Stars im Fokus - Vernissage
Stars in focus – Vernissage
31. May 2019
FedCon 29 | Specials | CastBlast @ FedCon 29 @ by
CastBlast @ FedCon 29
19. November 2019

FedCon 29 | Specials | Movie Stars Heinsberg

There’s a lot to see again at the Movie Stars Heinsberg booth at FedCon 29.

The probably best known German “Cosplay Reality Family”, better known under the name “The Galactic Four”. Not only Han Solo in “life size” carbonite block and their two Gonk droids are in their luggage, but also two new droids will be in the Maritim Hotel Bonn in 2020.
Insights into helmet construction will not only be provided by Star Wars, but also handmade exhibits from the Predator universe. A hint of Hollywood is still on top.

So be surprised and look forward to the Movie Stars Heinsberg.

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