Cooking with Star Smutje - FEDCON workshop
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The world of Star Trek is also full of culinary delights! From the volcanic plomeek soup to Hasparat to Klingon dishes like gagh or the mysterious Leola root stew of the Talaxians: The quadrants have a lot to offer.

But where does the man of the 21st century get the ingredients, how do we prepare the food of our favourite heroes? Star Smutje will help you there! Become a Starfleet Combat Officer and learn everything you need to create food and drinks from Star Trek as authentic as possible. And all this even without a replicator! You can expect humor, knowledge and of course culinary delights as well as interesting kitchen reading.

The workshop Cooking with Star Smutje at FedCon 29 offers you infinite variety in infinite combinations of culinary delights, as our series heroes would surely love it!

Workshop leader: Star Smutje
Max. attendance: 16 per workshop  -  Pre-registration at: TBA
Fee: EUR 2,00  -  Duration: 60 min
The Workshop will be held in: german and english  -  Material to be brought: will be provided
Tim Beutler, passionate cook and fan of Star Trek has been cooking delicacies from Star Trek for some time now. Again and again he faces new ingredients and creations. No matter if blood wine, Hasparat or Siskos Gumbo: there is hardly anything he can't conjure up. His instructions for recipes on YouTube delight some users, and after last year's success one can only say: With a new concept, new recipes and new ideas, this FedCon will be even more epic.

And since the good man celebrates his 40th birthday, one can assume that there will be one or two surprises. So you can be curious.

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