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FedCon 30 – Lectures & Readings

14. December 2021

Soundtrack Film Music Episode 2

May the Musical Force be with you! After his successful lecture debut at FedCon 29, Semir Ayar presents the next chapter on the topic of soundtracks, […]
12. January 2022


Reading Robert Corvus presents his latest science fiction novel STERNENBRÜCKE (Piper Verlag). For Yul, a former starship doctor, loneliness is a terminal illness after the death […]
14. January 2022

Perry against chaos

Chaos versus order – chaotarchs versus cosmocrats: This is one of the basic conflicts in the PERRY RHODAN universe. It is also at the centre of […]
22. January 2022

Welcome to Quark’s

Interspecialty service offerings as intercultural communication. “You only do good business if you know about your clientele.” (Quark / season 2, episode 14). In his bar, […]
22. January 2022

Space hairstyles

The lecture Space hairstyles for beginners and advanced clarifies the big questions, how the different hairstyles in sci-fi movies and series can be made. So how […]
24. January 2022

Utopia in Star Trek

“The challenge is to improve yourself. To enrich yourself,” says Captain Picard. Star Trek is more than just a science fiction franchise. The series and films […]
25. January 2022

Role play on and offline

In a galaxy far away, where no man has ever been before … so or similar you would like to start your own adventure in your […]
29. January 2022

Star Wars vs Star Trek

STAR WARS VS STAR TREK – THE BATTLE Once upon a time, long ago … outer space. In a galaxy far, far away … infinite space. […]
30. January 2022

Wüste(n) Planeten in der SF

Dune, Star Wars, Star Trek – in many science fiction scenarios, the heroes are sent into the desert. Deserts offer the protagonists many more challenges besides […]
31. January 2022

Interstellar space travel

It is the longing goal of space travel: the stars. Although humans have not even set foot on Mars, scientists and engineers have been looking for […]