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FedCon 28 – Lectures & Readings

21. August 2018

AI – From SciFy to Reality

From Cylons to Hosts in Westworld, Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of our SciFi multiverses. These shows ask the hard questions like “Can we control […]
11. September 2018

Star Wars im Alltag

The lecture Star Wars im Alltag (Star Wars in everyday life) describes how Star Wars films have crept into all corners of modern everyday life: in […]
20. September 2018

Nerd-Quiz 2019 SF-Edition

Nerdy questions and nerdy heads! Nerdizismus is back and plays the famous Nerd-Quiz. Stars, cosplayers and fans test their knowledge in 5 tricky rounds with nerdy […]
23. September 2018

Cast-Blast 2019 at FedCon

The Nerdizists invite you again to the Cast-Blast 2019. Look forward to the best SciFi Podcasters of the Republic. “Live on Stage” we talk about our […]
14. October 2018

The VFX at B5 and Star Trek

The lecture The VFX at B5 and Star Trek deals with the history, development and making of the CGI special effects of Babylon 5, Star Trek: […]
22. October 2018

Pilgrim motifs in Star Trek

Pilgrim motifs in Star Trek In 2151, Jonathan Archer’s crew meets a group of pilgrims in Star Trek: Enterprise. They are on their way to visit […]
1. December 2018

Star Trek Medicine vs. Reality

Star Trek – Medicine and Medical Devices vs. Today’s Reality in 21st Century Medicine In the entire Star Trek universe there are numerous innovative ideas and […]
9. December 2018

Thunderbirds are GO!

Thunderbirds – the science-fiction TV series and film of Gerry Anderson are largely ignored in Germany.  The aim of this lecture is to introduce Anderson’s most […]
16. December 2018

Everything I learned from SF

Steve Dix presents his new comedy show around Star Wars and Star Trek and a shot of Dr. Who under the motto Everything I learned from […]
17. December 2018

World of dreams in Star Trek

Dreams are the king’s way to the unconscious. In Star Trek, dream and imagination have always been used as a fantastic element to open up new […]