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FedCon 30 – Workshops

16. January 2022

The soul of the rogue

The protagonist grows from his adversary, only the villain turns the main character into a heroine. What would Star Wars be without Darth Vader and the […]
18. January 2022

Writing creatively about films

This is an author workshop on the topic of “Writing creatively and informatively about fantastic series and films”. We will deal with questions about thematic background […]
26. January 2022

Interactive story in space

What do interactive stories, role-playing and improv theater have to do with each other? Well, quite a lot, especially when Lenita Wolfar has her fingers in […]
4. February 2022

Put Sci-Fi on your plate

What roots belong in plomeek soup? How do you prepare a spicy liquid for pickling for Bajoran hasparat? What is behind the Red Kibble of the […]