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FedCon 31 – Special Events

12. February 2023

The worst best Star Trek episode

Last year Simon and Sebastian from the popular podcast Trek am Dienstag told you about the best worst Star Trek episode, but this time they turn […]
13. February 2023

We are Ghostbusters “Germany”

The German Ghostbusters from: We are Ghostbusters “Germany” are coming to FedCon 31. Their booths are the fan meeting point in Germany about Ghostbusters. At their […]
26. February 2023

Nerd Quiz

The original is back! Nerdy questions and nerdy minds! Nerdizism is back to play the famous Nerd Quiz! Stars, cosplayers and fans test their knowledge in […]
8. March 2023

KosyMo Sci-Fi Modellbau

KosyMo Sci-Fi Modellbau (Alexander Kosyra) will be showing at FedCon 31 (in the Artshow room) individually designed, precisely machined and detailed printed sci-fi models in plastic […]
9. March 2023

Ask the crew – Q&A Special

Is there anything you wanted to know about the real world of space but were too afraid to ask? Now is your chance – come to […]
10. March 2023


Search in vain for planets in the archive? Not with us! Once again Jedipedia.net will be present with a booth. The Star Wars experts will show […]
11. March 2023

The Sci-Fi Hotline – Join-in Quiz Show

Calling home was yesterday – anyone who’s anyone in SciFi calls us! Because we have the best flat rate to all networks for unlimited weird questions […]
12. March 2023

Mando Mercs

The Jai’Galaar Clan is the German representation of the Mando Mercs Costume Club, one of the largest worldwide Star Wars costume clubs in the world, recognized […]
14. March 2023

German Base Yavin

Are you on the run from the Empire? You always wanted to meditate with Yoda? You’ve always wanted to fly an X-Wing? You’ve always wanted to […]
18. March 2023

German Garrison

The German Garrison, Germany’s largest Star Wars costume club and part of the 501st Legion, will once again provide plenty of Star Wars atmosphere at FedCon […]