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17. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Workshop | Für Star Trek schreiben

Write for Star Trek

How do you write a Star Trek novel? Which rules (stylistically, legally, technically) are to be observed, which traps to avoid? On the occasion of the […]
17. April 2018
FedCon 27 | Workshop | Interessante Figuren schreiben

Writing interesting characters

Three you shall be: The asteroid scout, the attractive prospector and the smuggler. The two comrades and the brutal officer. The kidnapper, the victim and the […]
19. April 2018
FedCon 27 | Workshop | SF-Story-Settings entwerfen

Create SF story settings

In numerous novels Robert Corvus has created fascinating worlds before the eyes of his readers. Magnificent cities, disreputable dungeons, rugged mountains, mighty streams, amphibious races, robots, […]