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FedCon 29 – Workshops

18. November 2019

Moulding Sci-Fi gadget

Who doesn’t know it? You need several identical armor parts/accessories/gadgets or you want to provide them with special material properties (e.g. metallic gloss, hard but somewhat […]
26. January 2020

Cooking with Star Smutje

The world of Star Trek is also full of culinary delights! From the volcanic plomeek soup to Hasparat to Klingon dishes like gagh or the mysterious […]
13. June 2020

Writing Workshop: The Star Shipyard

Spaceship design for SF stories Star Destroyer and Borg Cube, generation ship and space fighter: For the journey between the stars, the protagonists need suitable vehicles. […]
17. June 2021

Invitation to Dune

In over 20 novels and several cinematic adaptations, we have traveled to the desert planet Dune. Now there is finally the opportunity to leave your own […]