Invitation to Dune - FEDCON Workshop Robert Corvus
FedCon 29 | Workshop| Schreibworkshop: Die Sternenwerft | by Robert Corvus
Writing Workshop: The Star Shipyard
13. June 2020

FedCon 29 | Workshop| Einladung zum Wüstenplaneten | by Robert Corvus

In over 20 novels and several cinematic adaptations, we have traveled to the desert planet Dune. Now there is finally the opportunity to leave your own footprint in the sands of Arrakis: Ulisses publishes the German translation of the brand-new role-playing game Dune – Abenteuer im Imperium.

Players slip into the roles of members of a noble house they create themselves. They have been trained by the mysterious Bene Gesserit, have connections to the Space Guild, use their superior mental powers as human computers or prove themselves in intrigue and shield combat with slow blades. As agents and negotiators, they face the merciless struggle of the houses on Arrakis, under the brutal rule of the Harkonnen, threatened by the endless desert with its savage Fremen and, of course, the gigantic Sandworms.

Robert Corvus has translated the basic rulebook and some adventures. In the Invitation to the Dune workshop, he provides insight into the game principles and thus into one of the most fascinating universes of science fiction.

In the end, an eternal truth is written in the sands of Arrakis: The spice must flow!

Workshop leader: Robert Corvus
Max. attendance: TBA  -  Pre-registration at: TBA
Fee: TBA  -  Duration: 60 min
The Workshop will be held in: german
With Robert Corvus we welcome one of Germany's most successful fantasy authors to FedCon.

Currently, Ruinen der Macht, the final volume of his trilogy Gezeichten der Macht has been published. Titles such as Feuer der Leere and Das Imago-Projekt preceded it. He has been active in BattleTech and occasionally writes for the world's greatest science fiction series, Perry Rhodan. He is also the translator of the Dune role-playing game. Together with Bernhard Hennen, Robert is adapting one of the basic adventure campaigns of the The Dark Eye role-playing game, Die Phileasson-Saga, as a twelve-part novel series. Robert has been a full-time writer since 2013. Before that, writing was a hobby and avocation for 25 years.

Robert has been a soldier, management consultant and project manager in international corporations. He has backpacked around the world, pilgrimaged to Santiago de Compostela and taught karate. After working in Münster and Sindelfingen, he now lives in Cologne.

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