History | This was FedCon 26
Those were our starguests, lecturers and special guests at FedCon 26.
9. January 2018
FedCon 27 | Stargast | John de Lancie

John de Lancie

Not only Q from Star Trek has been around a lot, but also the charismatic man behind it – John de Lancie – can look back […]
16. August 2017
FedCon 27 | Stargast | Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff

The lucky streak for all Battlestar Galactica fans just does not break. We look forward to Katee Sackhoff, who will come to FedCon 27 at the […]
11. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Stargast | David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

Yes, you may believe what you’ve read! Matching to the cinema release of Guardian of the Galaxy 2, David Hasselhoff will join us for FedCon 26 […]
8. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby

When Star Trek TNG is a topic, then let’s make it as complete as possible. With Denise Crosby, we have another actress from Enterprise-D, who comes […]
5. April 2017
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman

What would the Doctor be without his companions? What would 11 be without his Clara? We will reunite them at FedConb 26. Meet Jenna Coleman in […]
31. January 2017
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Matt Smith

Matt Smith

With his TARDIS the 11th Doctor has visited quite a lot of places, but there’s one where he hasn’t been before: Maritim Hotel Bonn. Tighten your […]
9. January 2017
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Colm Meaney

Colm Meaney

We already have the chief of security, the chief engineer and the chief of medicine. So let’s take the transporter chief as well. Colm Meaney is […]
19. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

We have Number One, the chief of security, an android and what is still missing? Exactly! The chief engineer. With LeVar Burton, we now have yet […]
16. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

The bridge of the Enterprise is slowly getting crowded, so we don’t want to forget the chief of security: Michael Dorn will join his colleagues at […]
15. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Bern Collaco

Bern Collaco

Someone who knows James Bond and the Transformers personally, went on adventures with Jack Sparrow and Doctor Strange is either a hardcore fan or known as […]
8. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden

What would the Enterprise-D be without her ship’s doctor? Not the same at all. That’s why we have Gates McFadden on board for FedCon 26 in […]
27. November 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Sasha Roiz

Sasha Roiz

Sasha Roiz well-known for his roles in Warehouse 13 and Grimm is coming to FedCon 26 to Bonn in June. Israeli-Canadian actor Sasha Roiz was trained […]
11. October 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos

Mark Alan Dacascos, well-known from the TV series Hawaii Five-0 and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming to FedCon 26 in Bonn. Together with Mark Dacascos […]
11. October 2016
FedCon 26 | Stargast | Casper van Dien

Casper Van Dien

When Casper Van Dien was a child Star Trek was his favourite TV show and that’s why he will be in good company at FedCon. Together […]
18. May 2017

Meet K.I.T.T. at FedCon 26

Knight Rider – A shadowy flight Meet K.I.T.T. at FedCon 26 next month! We offer something special for all Knight Rider fans. We have not only […]
13. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Workshop | Whovian Schmuckworkshop


Auf der FedCon 26 sind Kathleen Mrosk und Barbara Rubel zurück mit einem Schmuckworkshop. Gleiches Konzept, neue Idee! Ihr möchtet euren eigenen Schmuck herstellen? Dann zeigen […]
12. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Ticket Shop Closed

Our shop is closed – you can buy tickets directly at FedCon

Dear Fans, Our FedCon Shop is now closed. We need the remaining days to prepare for this big event. There are plenty of tickets, autograph- and […]
7. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Special Guests | ESA goes FedCon


We have three guys from ESA at FedCon 26. Matt Taylor, Paul McNamara, Mark McCaughrean are coming to Bonn in June and giving talks about their […]
1. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Steve Dix

Steve Dix

Steve Dix is back for FedCon 26 – enjoy his show in Bonn. “Stand By For Action!!” In the 1960’s to the 1970’s in the UK, […]
1. May 2017
FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Helios Models and Lightning

Helios Models & Lighting

Experience miniatures and props of the most famous science fiction franchises of Helios Models & Lighting at FedCon 26. We are Helios Models & Lighting and […]
29. April 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortrag | Exclusive Doctor Who Variant Cover

Exklusiv: Doctor Who Comic mit Matt Smith Cover

Der Panini Verlag hat exklusiv für FedCon-Besucher einen ihrer erfolgreichen Doctor Who Comic-Bände neuaufgelegt. Die streng limitierte Ausgabe wird nun von Matt Smith in der Rolle […]
26. April 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortrag | Star Trek Dark Armada

Star Trek Dark Armada

Robin will bring Dark Armada’s latest episode to FedCon 26 and you’ll get the chance to meet him and some of the cast and crew and […]
12. April 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Niels M. Frederiksen

Niels M. Frederiksen

Niels M. Frederiksen from the LEGO Star Wars Design Team will describe the process of a LEGO Star Wars set from early sketch to final set […]
11. April 2017
FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Harald Kaup

Harald Kaup

Harald Kaup kommt zur FedCon 26 und stellt seine Buchreihe die Neuland-Saga in einer Lesung vor. Angefangen hat es im Jahre 2120. Ein überstürzter Start eines […]
25. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragende | Stefanie Esser

Stefanie Esser

Stefanie Esser has an exciting talk about Cylon Religion and Sexuality in Battlestar Galactica for FedCon 26. Don’t miss it. Holy F*** – Cylon Religion and […]
21. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Tobias Richter

Tobias Richter

Tobias Richter – Diplom-Informatiker und Inhaber von “The Light Works” – einem Kölner VFX und Animationsstudio kommt, bringt ein paar seiner Projekte zur FedCon 26 mit. […]
20. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Robert Vogel

Robert Vogel

Er gehört schon zum Intentar; Robert Vogel kommt mit 4 Sciene-Fiction Vorträgen zur FedCon 26. 30 Jahre TNG Robert berichtet anhand von eigenen Erlebnissen und Gesprächen […]
17. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragende | Kristina Sommer

Kristina Sommer

It’s bigger on the Inside – Kristina nimmt euch auf der FedCon 26 mit auf eine Doctor Who Settour in Bildern. Wer würde nicht gerne mal […]
16. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortrag | unCONventional


Ihr wollt wissen wie es hinter den Kulissen läuft? Wie es so ist mit Dirk zu arbeiten oder was unCONventional und der Insider sind. Dann verpasst […]
13. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Nessi


Lootchest, Lootraider, Kingsloot etc. Was ist das eigentlich? Nessi stellt euch die Überraschungsboxen auf der FedCon 26 in Bonn vor. Lootchest, Lootraider, Kingsloot etc. Was ist […]
10. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortrag | Star Trek Prometheus

Star Trek Prometheus

Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg packen mit ihrer Prometheus Trilogie, auf der FedCon 26 in Bonn, aus. Es wird eine Lesung, die es in sich hat. […]
1. March 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortrag | Magazin Exodus

Exodus Magazin

Die Herausgeber des EXODUS, Fabian Tomaschek und Olaf Kemmler, geben euch auf der FedCon 26 einen interessanten Einblick in ihr Magazin. Wir lesen die Zukunft. Seit […]
9. February 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Dr. Hubert Zitt

Dr. Hubert Zitt

Dr. Hubert Zitt ist Dozent an der Hochschule Kaiserslautern am Campus in Zweibrücken kommt zur FedCon 26 mit zwei Vorträgen im Gepäck, einer davon als „Weltpremiere“. […]
19. January 2017
FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Kebu

Kebu in Concert

For FedCon 26 we something special for you. 25 years that have been an intergalactic adventure. We would like to thank you for your loyalty and […]
5. January 2017
FedCon 26 | Vortragende | Bettina Wurche

Bettina Wurche

Bettina Wurche – Biologin, Journalistin und Sci-Fi-Fan – ist auf der FedCon 26 mit einem Vortrag zum Star Trek Zoo und zum Mars dabei. „Der Star […]
17. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Steffen Volkmer

Steffen Volkmer

Steffen Volkmer, allround nerd, will be your host for FedCon 26 in the small hall as well as he was last FedCon. He is an avowed […]
16. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson

Last year, she was our formidable Mistress of Ceremonies: Chase Masterson, well known as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will join us again as […]
12. December 2016
FedCon 26 | Vortragende | Rebecca Haar

Rebecca Haar

Die Germanistin, Futuristin und SciFi-Kennerin Rebecca Haar bringt zur FedCon 26 wieder zwei interessante Vorträge mit. Kybernetik und Transhumanismus 2.0: Die Borg als intergalaktische Plage? „Widerstand […]

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