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FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Steffen Volkmer
Steffen Volkmer
17. December 2016

FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Chase Masterson

Last year, she was our formidable Mistress of Ceremonies: Chase Masterson, well known as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will join us again as Mistress of Ceremonies for FedCon 26 in June 2017. The actress was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. The birth name of the 5’7” height actress is Christianne Carafano. She is best known as the sexy casino girl Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Ivy Lief on General Hospital, as well as being the featured guest star in the first Emmy Award winning episode of ER in 1994. Chase Masterson was named one of the Hot Leading Ladies of Film in 2008 by Film Fetish, one of the world’s 50 Sexiest Women by Femme Fatales Magazine.

Chase got her start as a child actor, singer, and dancer in Texas. After several theatre and film roles in her youth, she got her first big break-through in leading roles in the thrillers In a Moment of Passion and Married People, Single Sex, as well as Robin Hood: Men in Tights in 1993.

Originally auditioned for the one-time guest role of Jake Sisko’s girlfriend Mardah in one episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Chase Masterson was a bit too old to be romantically involved with the teenage Jake. Her final role of Leeta was then written for her and she remained in the role for five years of the show’s run.
Chase Masterson’s other prominent film roles include J.A.N.I.C.E. Em in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and the singer in Yesterday Was a Lie in 2008. Chase hosted Sci-Fi Entertainment in 1998 for the Syfy Channel and an internet-based radio talk show for the website The Fandom in 2004 till 2005. She has also hosted Showtime: Nighttime and Encore’s Starz On Demand, and guest hosted CNet Central in 1996 and NBC’s Saturday Night At the Movies. Chase is also a jazz singer and has received positive reviews for her music from magazines such as Film Score Monthly and Entertainment Today.

Chase has performed in USO tours for the Navy and the Marine Corps. She has been involved in numerous charities worldwide, including Caring for Babies With AIDS, and founded the G.E.N.I.U.S. charity umbrella organization which is supported by her licensed fan club. She donated the proceeds from a 2008 American flag photo shoot to the organization Operation Call Home, supplying phone cards to U.S. troops. She also served as executive producer on the documentary film Through Your Eyes and has optioned the rights to the Harper Collins novel The Camel Bookmobile.

Currently, Chase Masterson has a guest role in the TV-series The Flash as Sherry, and performed as Lieutenant Susan Kelly in the movie Star Trek: Captain Pike alongside Robert Picardo and Walter Koenig.

We are looking forward to meeting our classy Mistress of Ceremonies again at FedCon in 2017.

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Filmografie (Auswahl)

  • 2016 - Unbelievable!!!!!
  • 2016 - Star Trek: Captain Pike
  • 2015 - The Flash (TV series)
  • 2005 - Take Out
  • 1995 - 1999 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV series)

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