Star Trek Dark Armada | FEDCON
FedCon 26 | Vortragender | Niels M. Frederiksen
Niels M. Frederiksen
12. April 2017
FedCon 26 | Special Guest | Helios Models and Lightning
Helios Models & Lighting
1. May 2017

FedCon 26 | Vortrag | Star Trek Dark Armada

Robin will bring Dark Armada’s latest episode to FedCon 26 and you’ll get the chance to meet him and some of the cast and crew and learn more about their production.

Star Trek Dark Armada is a fan film production created by Robin Hiert in 2005 in The Netherlands. What started out as a small hobby quickly turned into a semi-professional production with a crew varying from 10 to 20 people. The uniquely designed Starfleet uniforms, props, original music and green screen visual effects landed Dark Armada in the top 10 of Star Trek fan film productions worldwide.

The cast and crew of Dark Armada are currently working on a new fan film project titled Star Trek Batavia.

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