The world's largest Star Wars costume club at FEDCON: German Garrison
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25. September 2021
FedCon 29 | Specials | German Garrison

FedCon 29 | Specials | German Garrison

The German Garrison is the German sub-unit of the globally active Star Wars costume club 501st Legion.

The 501st Legion is the world’s largest Star Wars costume club with approximately 10,000 active members throughout the world. Although only the costumes of the “Dark Side” are represented, the Legion and its garrisons support many charitable organizations, true to the motto “Bad guys, doing good!

In 1997 this incredible idea started in the USA. Albin Johnson had the idea to offer like-minded fans of the Star Wars saga a common basis. The idea developed rapidly and the structures were further developed. So offshoots, so called “Garrisons”, arose all over the world.

In the year 2000 the starting signal was given for the foundation of a subunit of the Legion in Germany. Ten Star Wars enthusiasts decided to found the German Garrison. In shortest time the number of members increased and amounts to up-to-date to approx. 800 active members. With this number of members the German Garrison is the world’s largest garrison of the 501st Legion.

Since 2007 the 501st Legion is officially recognized by Lucasfilm and Disney: According to George Lucas, the blue-white clone army that Darth Vader is supporting during the storm of the Jedi Temple at Order 66 carries this Legion number.

While for our fans the costumes are the reason to meet us, for our members it is the untiring dedication of time, money and enthusiasm that has made the German Garrison and the 501st Legion what they are today. The German Garrison is a 100% volunteer club. We do not have any paid work structures and we do not gain any personal financial advantage from our performances. The members are committed to producing and wearing film-accurate costumes of the “Dark Side” and to giving pleasure to Star Wars fans with their public presence at various events.

Thus one meets members on typifying events of the DKMS, on meetings in libraries, on cinemaevents, on child birthdays etc.

Guest of FedCon 30 is the German Garrison already for many years and participates actively in the con happening. There will be a joint panel with the German Base Yavin and workshops on costume construction etc. will be offered at our stand. So it’s worthwhile to have a look at our stand.

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