Jan Fiedler | FEDCON
Steffen Volkmer
18. February 2016
Steve Dix
29. March 2016
Jan Fiedler is VFX producer at PIXOMONDO Images in Stuttgart, Germany. He has produced a wide range of work including feature films, episodic content, commercials, television movies and industrial projects. His filmography portfolio also includes 2012, Fast & Furious 5, Hugo Cabret, Terra Nova series and Game of Thrones.

At FedCon 25 he will tell us in his lecture about Iron Sky The Coming Race.

In his lecture, Jan Fiedler is giving insights to his current work on the trailer for the movie Iron Sky The Coming Race. This is a sequel to the indie movie Iron Sky that is about Nazis on the dark side oft he moon.

The second part of the movie is about the hollow Earth and forms a connecting link between both storylines. Since the work on the visual effects has already started you may get an exclusive glimpse on the second part of the movie.

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