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24. February 2024
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6. April 2024

FedCon 32 | Vortrag | Autoren vs. Podcaster - Moderation: Marie Erikson

Authors vs. podcasters – an exchange about creating and being a fan

Where do you get your inspiration from? What do you do when you’re having a bad day but need to produce content? – These are questions that authors like to be asked, but which can also be addressed to podcasters and streamers.

That’s why, at our panel, authors and podcasters will talk about their work and being fans and ask each other questions they’ve always wanted to know the answers to.

It will be particularly interesting to elicit answers from the podcasters, who usually prefer to ask their guests. After all, what would fandoms be without those who announce news from the scene, discuss new releases and provide an exchange with people who share the same passion?

Lecturer: Marie Erikson (Moderation), Oliver Fröhlich, Christian Quitschke, Alex Haas, Christian Wähner, Dominik Totsche
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Oliver Fröhlich

Oliver Fröhlich is a science fiction and horror author. He is one of the authors of Perry Rhodan, John Sinclair and Professor Zamorra.

Marie Erikson

Marie Erikson is a science fiction, fantasy and horror author. She has written for Perry Rhodan NEO and is a member of the John Sinclair writing team.

Christian Quitschke (Last Geek Tonight) possibly with colleague Nessi

Last Geek Tonight has been an integral part of the nerd world since April 2020. The constantly growing channel is active on YouTube and Twitch and delights its community with interesting interviews, exciting themed talks, funny Lets Plays, iconic con shows and, above all, chaos - because you shouldn't take the makers of LGT too seriously, because they don't do it either.

Alex Haas (Radio Freies Ertrus)

In 2019, Alex joined Christoph to chat about Perry Rhodan from time to time. Today, their musically accompanied podcast covers the entire world of Perry Rhodan, in which they give their subjective view of the world's greatest science fiction series.

Christian Wähner and Dominik Totsche (Weltendieb-Podcast and Stardust ruft Terra)

Weltendieb is a literary blog and home to various podcasts. In the various formats (including Stardust ruft Terra), Dominik and Chris deal with the different aspects of their reading journeys. The magazine novel series Perry Rhodan is one of their favorite topics.


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