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12. September 2021
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27. September 2021

FedCon 29 | Vortrag | Spielzeug-Jäger klären auf!

Basic course Toyhunting – Toy hunters enlighten!

The topic of action figures at conventions or in general nerd culture is unthinkable without them. Many buy action figures of their favorite characters from series or movies or comics, but for some, the collector in them awakens.

Our lecture Toy hunters clarify! would like to explain a little about the world of toyhunting to those who have started collecting figures or have been collecting for a while. Topics in the talk will be: we will explain terms used in the Toyhunting scene, like MOC or MISB. We will do an audience survey on what type of collector they are – and that each form of collector type has its justification. We will explain the background of when a figure is rare and why some figures are expensive and others are not – recognizing treasures. Then we will show where you can get information about your favorite toylines or just to find out about the value of your figures. Of course we will also bring some treasures from our collections to illustrate this.

Lecturer: Martin Reibe, Alexander Köhler
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
We: Martin Reibe and Alexander Köhler are collectors with different focus.

My (Martin) focus is the Star Trek toyline from Playmates, which I grew up with. I have over 1,700 figures in various designs and rarity levels in my collection and also run a small blog (StarTrekToyHunter) about it. Otherwise I collect crosswise and own over 1,000 figures in this area.

Alex is a typical "Cherry Picker" and collects what he likes. And that now also already many years. He is in the world of cartoons, movies and games of the 80s and 90s at home. A brand new theme is the focus He Man New Adventures - his childhood cartoon.

Both of us have been collecting for 20 years in some cases, so we know a lot about different areas of collecting. We run a YouTube channel on this topic for over a year and get very good feedback on it. Therefore, we would like to pass on our knowledge to interested parties.

Sources & additional links for Toy hunters clarify!:

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